I am a Light Worker ~ Part 1 ~ We are Light Workers, not Light Waiters


I am a Light Worker ~ Part 1 ~ We are Light Workers, not Light Waiters

Sophia Love, 06/25/2012


It has taken weeks and today I finally figured out what has been gnawing at my heart.  Like many of you I’ve been caught up in watching news and messages from on and off world, predictions and promises laced with accusations and assurances.  None of us know the precise timing or events because all of us are creating them with our thoughts and beliefs.  Somehow we’ve morphed into light waiters rather than light workers.

We are not here to wait for the light.  We are here to work for the light.  If there is some commonality in each message we devour it is this “We will not do this for you.  We stand ready to assist.”

So what are we waiting for?  Maybe it was the most recent influx of light and energy, but I am fairly bursting to share my thoughts this morning. I am beginning a series this week; “I am a light worker”.  There is much to say.

We have been waiting for someone to save us.  They know this and have been saying, “Yes!  We’ll help you as you save yourselves.” So, what does it mean to work for the light?

Our planet has been owned and run by the dark.  We now know this and learn each day about how deep the corruption and control goes.  First, we must act as if this planet is ours.  It is.

The Cabal introduced the concept of ownership.  Consequently, we’ve hoarded money, stuff, land and love.  We’ve lived in fear and fed them with our labor and our loyalty.  In truth, what we need do is take ownership of the one thing that matters in this critical time.  We need to take responsibility for this world, this planet as if we run it.

Start where you are.  You have been wondering what you can do.  Take your eyes off of the news reports and look beyond your front door.  Yes, take care of your family and your stuff and your home.  Now expand.  Take care of your neighborhood, your community, your country.  It’s yours.  You are a light worker.  You have come to dispel the darkness.

Your governments and officials are afraid of you.  They know that if you begin to speak up they may be out of a job.  They work for you, only you have not been paying attention.  Pay attention.

There is so much to say about this, so to summarize on this first day; just expand your concept of you.  You are bigger than you know.  Be the love that you are.  What we are being told over and over is this is the year of choice.  What I get repeatedly in messages is “What am I supposed to do?”

You are supposed to bring light to the dark.  Once you open your heart and expand into the truth of you – you’ll scope out areas where your particular light is needed.  The dark has hidden them from you – keeping you separate and fearful of loss.  You are one and we know that now.

There is no loss in love.  There is only more, and it’s all light.  You are a light worker.  You work for the light.

Look around.  Start in your own backyard.  Are there elderly, sick, or others in some physical need?  Remember, these are reflections of you – they are to be loved.  See them as you and ask “What do you need?”  Light and love work every time.

Rather than reinforce the influence of the cabal with unwavering attention on these arrests and resultant conflicts, reinforce the light that you are with your actions.  Focus on the light. Do something.  Do anything.  Just love.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

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