Let’s Come Together and Stop the Infighting


Let’s Come Together and Stop the Infighting

There has been so much past and continued infighting going on in the Lightworker/Lightwarrior Community for far too long. Sadly it still persists and is evermore evident and far reaching even into the depths of Lightworker/Lightwarrior Organizations. So much so that people are once again operating under Fear and Control. We have dealt that in the 3D world and no longer want that in our 5D world and Organizations. It didn’t work out well in the past and it will not work well now. People are seeking Freedom, the Truth, a Higher Truth and a Higher Guidance,… not to be Controlled and have to operate and live under Fear.

We cannot put so much Control on people in the Light World that they cannot follow their Hearts and Inner Guidance or feel free to look in other corners and open other doors, as to learn more and increase their knowledge and evolutionary processes and open their minds or help others to do the same. People need to Awaken, Evolve, Grow and Learn at their own pace without Fear of what others will do to them, their positions or say to them or about them. We do not know the journey that each is on and we as Light BEings have no right to try and Control another and what they say, think, do and believe without fear of reprisal. I know many feel like a parent or protector but that is not our job no matter how much we want to. In the same thought, the ‘Us Against Them’ Mentality is causing more Harm than Good and does not bring people of Light together but only tears us apart.

Our Future World will hold many New Truths and Knowledge and what many feel utterly important now, may not be so important later. What people feel to be ‘the only way’ now, may not ultimately be ‘the only way’ then. Light people Against other Light people needs to evolve to Light people Supporting other Light people, period!

There have been and will continue to be many multi-factors in this Very Fluid ever changing Universal Chess Game we call Operation Planetary Freedom and NONE of us Know the mechanics of how this will ultimately all turn out. We need to stop trying to Control other people’s lives whether they are/will be public figures, housewives/housedads, professionals, government officials or just getting by, controlled to the point that they feel they are living in a 3D World operating in Fear once again verses our 5D World and 5D Organizations we all want and are diligently trying to manifest.

So why still do we have Lightworkers and Lightwarriors that keep attacking each other instead of uniting forces against the Cabal??? Why do people dare to say it is ForTheHighestGoodOfAll or GodsMission or whatever other nonsense? For if it truly were ForTheHighestGood it would Not be at the expense of another BEing.

Everything we do as Lightworkers/Lightwarriors that exposes the wrongdoings of the Dark Cabal makes them less powerful, weaker, vulnerable…makes them hold less control over us. It also Awakens many others which has been so hard to do on this planet…especially in the United States!

Instead of fighting, I implore you all to take this path….to work together and hold together as tight as you can, strongly, powerfully and accepting each other’s varied differences and to SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN SOLIDARITY AGAINST THE FORCES OF DARK…AGAINST THE DARK CABAL LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Then we will all Achieve the Freedom and 5D World we have all Strived, Dreamed and worked so hard for.

COBRA mentions some of the issues that Organizations and Groups may be having and I agree wholeheartedly with his post on the topic. But some Organizations have gone beyond dealing with infiltrators to going after other fellow Light BEings to the point of being very Controlling and causing Fear and fighting tearing apart these groups and Organization from within. This is what precisely needs to stop.

Due to these types of situations, COBRA has given us some guidance to use here:


I hope many find this information from COBRA to be helpful. I have posted it publicly and privately many times for people to refer to.

I will see you all in the Unity Eclipse Meditation on 8/21/17.


Merdeka and Victory of the Light!

Link:  http://colleenrich.com/stop-infighting/



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