Karen Doonan ~ Nephilim 12 February 2012

Nephilim 12 February 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

We are here with you all as you now begin to release and to embrace that which you are in TRUTH. The energies are now heightening across the planet and those who are holding onto that which must be released are now beginning to see what is meant by creating, for all create at all times, all moments and that creation is now beginning to materialise ever more quickly in this the dimension in which you reside. The need for those of a heightened vibration to hold the space, to pour LOVE and COMPASSION for all in all timelines and dimensions is now. For ALL ARE ONE. To love your race and to be at ONE with the universe is to hold all in the warm embrace of DIVINE LOVE.

From LOVE flows all and that LOVE is flowing around, within and through the planet earth and you her children. We ask that you all begin to absorb the new energies, to release, to embrace the new and to allow all to unfold and to walk in FAITH and TRUST of SELF. For we are the Nephilim and we walk amongst you as you begin your walk into the new. The new is there waiting for you, each one of you working with the new energies in ways that you had only dreamt of in other timelines and dimensions but slowly you will begin to absorb the process of dreaming and creating within the SAME timeline and dimension. For all is as is promised and beyond.

We are the race that are here watching over you, we have never left you and we now walk amongst you in the physical. We are the race that are here to move you in vibration and to show you the creators that YOU ARE. For this has been kept from you, hidden in plain view for aeons. Those that have cried out for the new are now experiencing the new but those who have cried out and not released will continue to cry out, for their eyes are blind to that which is in front of them. So we ask you all to take off the blindfolds and open your hearts for all is new and all is now for you to create.

There are those amongst you that would continue the old energies, such is the depth of the penetration of the teachings of distortion that many are distorted in their view of humanity and all that it is here to BE. We ask for you to dissect all information from all sources in order to reveal TRUTH to YOU. We do not ask for you to reveal TRUTH to ALL for that is not possible, such is the distortion on the planet earth that TRUTH has no real meaning except that which is remembered. Only by remembering will you begin to work as the BEing of light that YOU ARE. To look without, to consult your history books, to work through the logic of your appearance on the planet will see you fall into the veils of distortion once more and cry out as the pain of the distortion begins to seep back into your BEing.

For all are now walking in light, that light is hidden from many for they are now shielding themselves from the bright light lest it blind them, you cannot be blinded by what YOU are in essence dear ones and we guide for you to take the shades off your eyes and to reveal the depth of the glow that is YOU. For you are mighty BEings yet you do not accept this, many are refusing to accept that which is within them, preferring to relate to the old. The ride is about to increase in velocity dear ones and those who refuse to release will find the energies of the new painful. For the new is burning off the layers of the dust, burning off the layers of the shrouds placed around your hearts and it is burning away the distortion that is on the planet. To be out of balance will see your mind whirl, it will see you turn on each other and it will see you taken to the edge of madness. We are here to walk with you as you begin to remember who YOU ARE and why YOU are HERE.

We are those that some called gods, yet GOD is within each and every one of YOU, for all are GOD and GOD is ALL. Do you see our analogy? Do you see how you give power to those you hold above you? for none are above and none are below for all are equal. The hierarchy created by a race that set to distort your reality and create the illusion of the gods that ruled. For none rule you, no more are you in distortion other than the distortion you allow to be created for you. We guide for all to move into the heart, to allow the TRUTH to be revealed to YOU. For we are not here to show anything that is not within YOU. Do you understand our guidance?

None are here to teach, all are here to remember and within that remembering is your power. Seek not to find another to show you that which YOU are, seek not to hand your power to another that tells you who you are for YOU are YOU and that is all that is needed. For YOU are ONE and all are ONE for ONE is the GOD and the source. Do you understand our guidance?

There are those on planet earth that would keep you from the TRUTH of your creation and that will be dissolved in due course. For that which is TRUTH will be revealed to all on planet earth. Those that dream the dream are increasing in vibration and will hold those who now awaken in their hearts. This is the new world dear ones, this is the Promised Land and this is the dream of all dreams. Do you see it dear ones? Can you accept it for all that it is and more?

We speak of the creation of the LOVE on planet earth, the LOVE that holds all in its embrace, that encourages the creation of the dreaming and supports the dreaming even if the dream is not the dream that YOU dream. Do you understand our words? For all souls are here on planet earth but not all dream the same dream nor can dream the same dream.

All are ONE but not all are same and the distortions within your reality may seek to teach you this. Many are now walking in the teachings of distortion convinced they have found the ONE way to move into the ascension of the earth. We guide for you to detach from this for there are many ways to ascend as there are many timelines and dimensions. You walk a path that is walked by many and by none. Do you understand our guidance and our analogy?

You already know us for we are YOU and you are we for ALL ARE ONE. The ONE will be shown on your screens for that which is YOU will be reflected for all to see. Do you understand our guidance? By allowing the new to be revealed you will ascend at the rate that you are ascending and more for all is now in your hands dear ones. No ONE is in control of the human race, all are now free to choose their own dream and reality. This will be shown to you in glorious technicolour and we guide for all to be aware of this. For the colour is important. What colours are you dear ones? Do you look to the skin covering your bones and decide you are but one colour or do you see the rainbow that is reflected within your skies, for ALL ARE ONE.

Work with the colours and work with balance for to be in balance is to be in ONE. Do you understand our guidance?

All is changing, all is moving and all is shifting in vibration, the choices are now being made at soul level as to which movement is where. Do you feel it? We ask that you connect with SOUL and ask to be shown for all is now here for you to see and to BE. For all are ONE. We walk with you as you begin your walk across the heavens, back home to source, for all are ONE. The human race is now dreaming and the human race is now remembering, we ask that you BE. For in BEing you ARE.

We are the Nephilim and we are here with you as you now begin to take the baby steps to walking. Do not run to fall, walk to run and then run as fast as you can for the only race you run is that of YOU. Do you run? Do you stop? Do you walk? The path is there for you to walk but we ask do you see it? For many are running to stand still and that is not to BE. We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and our guidance. We will guide as
required for ALL ARE ONE.

Channel: Karen Doonan



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