The Justice Journey #7 ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/7/12

The Justice Journey #7 ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/7/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

The Justice Journey #7 is a particular journey a soul will incarnate through once it is decided that it is this lesson the soul wishes and needs to learn to continue advancing as a being of light through this journey we call existence. There are many different themed journeys that a soul can partake in, and the Justice Journey is but one of them.

Each one of you at this time is on a particular themed journey. Each one of you has chosen your journey and all of the lessons that will be presented to you while you are incarnated within the physical. Many of the friends that you meet and many of the antagonists that you meet have been carefully selected by you, in order to help facilitate the learning of the particular lessons tied to the journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience that you are currently on.

When it is time to wrap up the journey you are on and all the lessons you have learned it is then time to come home. Once you are home again you can carefully reflect upon all the lessons that you have learned and perhaps lessons that you have also missed. You have plenty of time to look back over your life and examine just where problems may have arisen due to your yet unsuccessful opportunities to learn particular lessons designed to bring about the entire picture to you and allow you to gain wisdom in a particular area of your choosing.

All along the particular journey that you are on you have friends, coaches and guides that remain back within the higher realms who watch over you and guide you, all along doing what they can to bring about the lessons that will gift you with the reward of wisdom that you seek. They do their best to remain in the background, and do not present for you obstacles and obstructions that are not intended to bring about your greater good. These friends and guides love you very deeply and care for you as a parent loves and cares for a child, as they have been with you and watching over you since the moment of your birth and your first breaths as a newly incarnated being of light within the physical realms.

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