Let the Wonder and Joy of it Fill Your Hearts. – Archangel Michael

Let the Wonder and Joy of it Fill Your Hearts. – Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

This is a very curious time for you.  There is a great deal of turmoil, anticipation, and doubt caused by recent announcements and happenings.  Despite this you are feeling a low ebb in energy, as if you cannot get enough rest and quiet.  You have been integrating the frequencies and information received during these last weeks of cosmic alignments and activity.  Quickly now, that will come to an end.

Be prepared to stand firmly in your understanding and to remain calm as your world begins to change around you.  It will appear chaotic.  It will be anything but that.  The speed with which these necessary changes occur will make it seem so, but the end result has long been determined.  If you have ever watched a picture on a screen morph from one image to another, you will have a good example of what your experience will be like.  When you witnessed this, you knew that all you needed to do was wait a little while to see what the result would be.  Be prepared to do that now.

If there is something which you need to do to contribute to the result, you know by now exactly what that will be.  If it is to hold your vision of the end result, then realize that it is very important for you to do that.  You have heard this advice many times by now.  The time has come for you to heed and implement it.

Already many attempts are being made to paint these things as negative and fearful.  Those who do not have your understandings will be particularly open to disinformation.  You do not need to argue the point.  It would serve no purpose in any case.  Be calm, be steadfast, and answer any sincere questions with what you know to be true.  Beyond that, maintain your place in the grid of light and unconditional love for the Earth and mankind that we have built so carefully these past years.

The shell is beginning to crack and you are about to emerge into your new life.  Let the wonder and joy of it fill your hearts.  Be at peace and offer love and comfort wherever you may.  The turmoil will be short-lived.

The usual sources will make every attempt to spread anger and fear.  Do not be swayed by them.  You already know who they are.  It would be best if you did not even listen to them.  Much more positive information will be available immediately.  Your discernment is strong enough now to allow you to see the truth.  Some of what you hear will be very hard for many to believe.  Some will be shaken to their core.  That is why your calm presence will be so important.

If you need assurance, comfort, or help yourselves, look within and ask.  We will be with you as we always have been.  Please understand that although I speak to you as Michael, I am speaking for all of the archangels and masters.  You may call on any of us at any time.  We love you dearly and we will speak with you again soon.  Good day.

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