Jesus: Your Divine Perfection Has Never Been Compromised

Jesus: Your Divine Perfection Has Never Been Compromised

July 15, 2012 by John Smallman

To awaken is to know yourselves as you truly are — divine beings of ineffable wonder and value, utterly perfect, one with each other and with God.  When you relax, pray, or meditate, allow yourselves to access your knowledge of this, which is eternally true, by opening your hearts to the divine field of unconditional Love which always surrounds you, waiting for you to invite It to embrace you. When you do, your worries and anxieties will fall away as you experience the warm glow in which It enfolds you, and you will know without the slightest shadow of doubt that all is divinely taken care of, and that your awakening is inevitable because it is the divine Will, your Father’s Will for you.

Your awakening is a process that involves you opening your awareness, your consciousness to that inner knowing which has always been with you, although hidden from your view by the distractions of the illusion – fear, anger, resentment, judgment, blame, condemnation – which so often occupy your usual thinking routines.  It is those distractions, those unloving attitudes and behaviors that you are at present working to release so that you can welcome God’s Love into your hearts.

But those unloving attitudes, while you maintain them by feeling quite justified in honoring and acknowledging them, prevent you from fully opening to Love.  So it is imperative that you release them, and when you do, it will be analogous to having a garage sale, disposing of loads of no-longer-useful items, and freeing up space for what you truly need and desire.

But, of course, much of what you are reluctant to release has been with you for a very long time, and you have a sense of loyalty to it because you think it has served you well by protecting you from the unjustified attacks of others who lack the integrity and honesty that you believe you bring to every situation . . . well, practically every situation.  Occasionally, you may have been a little bit indiscreet, but always, of course, with complete justification!

To change attitudes can be very difficult because you do go to great lengths to convince yourselves that you think and behave fairly and reasonably. Nevertheless, all of you know that there have been times when you allowed your standards to slip, and you would prefer to dismiss those occasions as momentary aberrations, as times when you were perhaps misled and you judged too quickly.  The fact that you want to dismiss those moments or deny them is what ties you to them.  Until you acknowledge them you cannot release them.

Truly they are not unacceptable examples of what you might think of as inadequacies, but, nevertheless, you may well not wish to look at them because to do so offends your self-esteem.  Humans make errors – no, all humans make errors – because within the illusion it is almost impossible for you to perceive or think clearly.  Being human severely limits you because that was your intention when you built and entered the illusion.  Its only truth is that it is illusory.

Your divine perfection has never been compromised because nothing can damage, interfere with, or even threaten God’s divine Reality, of which every one of you is an essential part.  But because your belief in the illusion and all that it seems to encompass is so strong, to admit to some of your more egregious errors is very painful for you, and so you lock them down beneath the level of your conscious awareness where they fester and foster a sense of shame.

Let go of that needless sense of shame and look at the situations or events that led to it.  Allow yourselves to remember that nothing real has ever happened in the illusion, and that what you are hiding from is therefore unreal.  God has never judged you and never will — because you are eternally at peace with Him and in Him.  Forgive yourselves for your imaginary transgressions, truly forgive yourselves, and then you will easily forgive all those who have hurt or offended you, and it will feel as though a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

When you allow that to happen – and when you choose to do so is entirely up to you – compassion for all will flood into your awareness and you will understand that Love is the only need that you, that humanity has, and you will understand that you already have It, that you have always had It, and that nothing can alter that divine truth.  And you will move closer to the moment of your awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


You need further strong reminders to just let go!

You are on your path, you are divinely and dearly loved, and yet many of you are having difficulty releasing old and unloving attitudes, desires, and behaviors — and so you need further strong reminders to just let go!

As the moment for your grand awakening approaches, very rapidly, it is necessary — in fact, it is vital — that people understand that they must let go of unlovingness in any form, because to hold on to anything that is unloving just locks them into the illusion.  Reality would be an unbearable experience for anyone who is holding on to unloving thought-forms, desires, or attitudes. Holding on to them is a choice not to awaken – and therefore, for those who do, to awaken is impossible.

What this means is that they strongly desire restitution for wrongs done to them, and to see the wrongdoers judged, condemned, and punished.  But what this truly indicates is a projection of their own sense of guilt and unworthiness on to others, in whom they see what they hate and despise in themselves.  It is purely a call for love, and nothing else.

Within the illusion it is quite normal to experience unloving thoughts – they just pop into your awareness – and that is not an issue or a problem if you let them pass on.  The problems occur when you engage with those thought forms, make them part of your belief system, and take upon yourselves the intent, the desire, and the responsibility to bring others to justice, and call on them to account to you for their behavior.

The path to Love is found through forgiveness.  First, forgiveness of self, then of others.  If you remain unforgiven, you are unable to forgive others.  Whether others forgive you or not is immaterial.  When you come to understand that you are divine beings infinitely loved by God, you will forgive and accept yourselves just as you are, and you will then realize that there is nothing which you need to forgive in yourselves, or in others.  You will truly see others’ attacks on you as desperate calls for love.  Your need to forgive them let alone judge them will dissolve, and you will find yourselves wanting only to offer them love, compassion, and acceptance.

If you focus on the wrongs done to you or on the suffering that you are undergoing, you effectively close yourself off from the divine field of Love that surrounds you always.  When you shut yourselves off from that Love field, healing is impossible because the only thing that truly heals is Love.  And so your pains and troubles just grow and fester, causing you further suffering.

Many of you feel a desperate need to be loved and cherished by someone else — to prove that you are lovable.  That will never happen, because no one else can ever satisfy that need, and if you persist in chasing that “ideal one” you will be repeatedly disappointed.  You were all created perfect by your divine Father, so sit quietly and ask Him to help you to see this, ignoring all other thoughts that come into your minds as best as you can.  However, what often happens when you try to do this, is that thoughts of others who have hurt you do come to mind and you engage in the victim role – “Dear God, why do people treat me so badly, unfairly, nastily, thoughtlessly, sneakily?” – and instead of opening your hearts in pure acceptance of the Love that is constantly on offer, you seek for someone — God — to listen to your litany of complaints!

When you can open yourselves fully to accept your Father’s Love in every moment, you will find that the opinions, words, and actions of others, which would previously have upset you, no longer have the same effect, and you will begin to see that they too are in pain and seeking only Love.  Your behavior will change, your energy field will become peaceful and welcoming, and you will find that you experience attacks against you far less frequently.  Love truly is the solution to every problem.  Not romantic love, not infatuation with a dream of the perfect soul-mate, but acceptance of yourselves as divine beings of Love, infinitely and eternally loved by God.  That is the truth of who you are, and realization of this comes only from within you — and from nowhere else.

Most of your earthly cultures teach you to seek the approval of others in order to validate yourselves.  But no one ever appears perfect to anyone else; your egos ensure that!  If you buy into that belief, and most do, it makes life unhealthily difficult for you as you compete with one another for acceptance, honor, and rewards.  And everyone loses!  Even the apparently most successful game players are always striving for more, and live in fear of being beaten or passed over.

Peace and happiness come from the sense of self-acceptance and self-respect which result from your realization that you are perfect, that the path on which you find yourselves is the one that you chose, and that everything is just as it should be.  And that is truly how it is.  Do not be bludgeoned into accepting the beliefs that others would impose on you – they are only doing that in order to convince themselves of the validity of those beliefs.  If you have to convince others in order to convince yourselves, then you are misleading yourselves and are heading for further disappointments.  If that is your experience, just remind yourselves, “Peace and happiness come from within.”

Your loving brother Jesus.

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