An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 3/4

Events of 2012 Part 3

An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 3/4

Posted by Steve Beckow

In the weeks and months ahead, besides the events already mentioned, we can expect to see the climate of the Earth approach an ever more uniformly-temperate state. We’ve worried about “global warming” but what we don’t know is that this very global warming is apparently intentional and designed to benefit the Earth.

Some animal species will be leaving the Earth and be reintroduced to other planetary situations where they’ll continue their spiritual evolution just as we’re doing. Other species will ascend with us.

The energies have been constantly rising on Earth for many decades now, but are increasing at a more rapid pace as the year progresses. The months of May and June have seen energy said to be sent to this universe straight from the heart of One.  Ascension is not an event which happens only on or before Dec. 21, 2012, but is a process that proceeds gradually but at a quickening pace before the culmination on that date. Allegedly some people have ascended early, many among them said to have returned to help the rest with what lies ahead of us.

The ascended Earth will have no more infestations, outbreaks of epidemics or any other conditions that could be considered negative or harmful. Such cannot exist on the higher dimensions. We’ll return to a younger version of ourselves with limbs restored, medical conditions absent, and an expected lifespan of perhaps ten times what ours is at present. When we wish to change our form, we’ll simply do that. There will be no further need to die to change form.

The galactics have already been controlling such areas as Fukushima to see that radioactivity is reduced and does not spread. They’ve been neutralizing the chemtrails that contain nanotechnology, harmful isotopes, heavy metals and chemicals designed to harm us, dumb us down, surveil us and make us susceptible to pandemics which have been regularly launched against us.

Once the galactics can land their ships on Planet Earth, with our permission, they’ll begin the work of terraforming the planet, restoring it to its pristine condition, free of radiation, pollution, oil spills and other harmful conditions. This work will be completed in record time and we’ll have the opportunity to participate in it, using the galactics’ own technology.

We’ll also participate in the spread of NESARA’s abundance across the planet and in the resuscitation of areas that have been impoverished or devastated by design such as Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Myanmar, and parts of Africa.

We’ll also participate in the revolution in health care, education, housing construction, transportation, food production and many other areas planned and expected from the contributions of the star nations here to assist us.

Artificial borders designed to divide us and allow us to be easily controlled will be removed. Technologies will eliminate the divisions caused by different languages. The errors in religions will be revealed and the truth that religions seek to address shared in comprehensible terms.  The rising energies themselves will erase much of the edge between people of different cultures and restore a sense of harmony and unity to the world.

Peace will be restored and armies disbanded or turned to peace-keeping services. We’ll begin the exploration of the cosmos alongside the various organizations here to assist us, like the Galactic Federation of Light and the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. We’ll be invited to serve aboard spacecraft if we so desire. And we’ll sit on the various councils that already exist and have been instrumental in coordinating the mission to Earth and to other planets that will ascend.

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