An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 1/4

Events of 2012 Part 1

An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 1/4

Posted by Steve Beckow

Anyone who wishes to read the whole series ahead of time can go to the URLs in Footnote (1).

The first article in the series that I feel the need to write at this moment is in response to SaLuSa’s message of today (June 8, 2012), in which he says:

“You are in the big month of activity when what we are engaged in can no longer be kept quiet, and as it leaks out it will prepare people for what is to follow. That is preferable to sudden extensive revelations, by allowing people to adjust to the idea of the coming massive changes. It would otherwise seem to them that their world was being turned upside down, and be unsettling.

“For those in the know it is an opportunity to tell them that it is all for the good of mankind, and is the result of a divine decree that this cycle of duality should end.” (2)

I’d like to support the task that SaLuSa lays out here by writing an introduction to the events of 2012, by way of reassurance to those who are just now waking up to the incredible changes occurring in this year of 2012.

What is occurring as we speak is that we’ve arrived at the end of a cycle in history. Hindus call it the end of the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness) and the beginning of the Sat Yuga (Golden Age or Age of Truth). The Mayans call it the end of their calendar. New Agers call it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

It doesn’t matter by which name it’s known. We’re now about to experience the end of Third-Dimensional reality, which is characterized by dualistic consciousness and separation and the beginning of Fifth-Dimensional reality, which is characterized by unitive consciousness and unity.

That these events should be happening now is laid out in the Divine Plan for this universe, not just for this planet alone. But if we restrict ourselves to this planet, then we shall see on or before December 21, 2012, all of its inhabitants who choose to do so and have assimilated enough light/love to endure the conditions, transiting to the Fifth Dimension of reality, along with the planet, Gaia or Earth, all its animal inhabitants, all young children who get an automatic travel ticket, etc.

This is called “Ascension,” but it’s also called a shift and a transformational event. It’s not something that someone has to pacify a god or supplicate a divine panel of judges to participate in. It simply depends on having chosen to ascend and being able to endure the rarified living conditions on the higher dimension because we have assimilated sufficient love and light to do so.

Those who choose not to participate will receive the same loving care as those choose to participate, but they won’t be able to remain with the planet. The planet itself will ascend so those who choose not to ascend will leave the planet by assorted routes, always under the watchful eye of their guides and helpers, and, after time spent on the astral planes, reincarnate in a world of similar density or dimensionality to this one.

In fact there are two sets of events transpiring simultaneously. A global elite, who has controlled the life of this planet for millennia, is seeing their grip upon the levers of power loosened and their authority over matters decline and disappear….

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