Interesting Read ~ The Principle of the Downstep

The Principle of the Downstep

Author Unknown

Extraterrestrial bioforms—-like us earthlings—-are what some scientists now refer to as Complex Oscillating Biological Entities, (COBEs). Whereas we are presently experiencing four dimensions (three of space and one of time), the ETIs are Transdimensional, Interdimensional and Multidimensional.This simply means that they are capable of [i]selecting a wide variety of wave-lengths (vibrations) upon which to interact and materialize. It is obvious that transdimensional entities with millenia of unbroken memories—-life experiences and the wisdom gained from living on worlds found on many different frequencies—-must carry out some very expert translating in order to communicate with earth humans who are of highly limited dimensional experience.

And—-each one of us interprets the reality of the world we see and experience according to our particular individual point of–view.

That individual POV is made up of our small consciously remembered repertoire of past experiences—-which range from joyful to traumatic and everything in between.

This is what we all do continually.

The ETIs do that also—-only their POV is often millenia of expansive unbroken memory and experience. So—-we can see how their neurological and their well grokked epi-neurological repertoire of personal and collective metaphors—-symbols and analogies is considerably larger than ours.

Our earth-human song list is really quite short in comparison.

This is why the representatives of ET civilizations must enact a considerable downstep in order to interact with us and interface with us on the level of  two–way communication—-either telepathic or otherwise—-in which both parties understand each other.

The ET COBEs are quite able to accomplish this with astonishing skill because they are no strangers to the earthling’s consciousness. In fact, in many cases, they know us far better than we presently know ourselves.

This is due to the fact that we live on a planet of forgetfulness and for a long time have been existing in a state of only partial consciousness….

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