Interesting Information About Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Presidential Elections


Interesting Information About Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Presidential Elections

By C K Rich

I’d like to point out some very interesting information about the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Presidential Elections. As I was talking to LadyDragon tonight, she pointed out some very interesting statistics on the BetFair site. Basically we followed the money!!

Let me explain further what I mean and what happened over the course of those couple hours…

On the BetFair site we watched the trades on the US Presidential Election and the points. What it showed us, is basically by the numbers, London and the rest of the worlds Big Money knew that Barack Obama was going to win the elections. This was obvious in the numbers, trades or bets that were showing. We could see this showing up by around 5:30/6pm ET. So yes, basically by 6pm London already knew Obama was going to win the Presidential Elections!

But much of our countries votes would not be in for another 5 hours, so how could this be?

At the same time we were also watching RT or RussiaToday. The interesting thing about this is that the actual up-to-date voting stats were showing up there 5-10 minutes before they showed up on the US Mainstream Media (MSM). So yes, Russia knew more about what was going on with our Presidential Elections than our own Mainstream Media?!?

But how could that be? Wouldn’t our US Media know what was going on before the rest of the world?

Another interesting tidbit is that this author posted a video just after Oct 19th of this year that clearly showed a Mainstream Media Station running a bottom screen runner showing Barack Obama as the winner of the 2012 Presidential Elections a couple weeks before the actual elections.

How could all this be you ask?

The truth is that the Mainstream Media is owned and operated by the Wealthy Elites of the world. The same cabalist that have ruled and continue to try to rule over “We the People”.

The fact is that the Mainstream Media puts out the information that ‘they’ want the American people to know. They turn every event into a drama scene for ‘their’ own benefit.

It is also true that the Presidential Elections are decided well before the actual voting takes place and that your ‘Vote’…well it really doesn’t matter what you vote as it’s already decided and the Dark Elite Cabal Illuminati control the companies that run the voting machines.

Here is some more interesting information that happened tonight while talking with LadyDragon

By 11:03 pm ET we knew from BetFair that Obama had won the elections. This site is based out of the UK. At 11:15 it was announced on RT that Obama had won the Election. This site is based out of Russia.

Do you know when the US Mainstream Media announced the winner of the 2012 Presidential Elections?

Not until 11:18pm ET!!!

Here is another interesting tidbit….

Every time LadyDragon talk about certain topics, we keep getting disconnected. Also as we got rolling hard putting information out about the Elite Cabalist/ Illuminati…or the f*#kers as LadyDragon calls them…things started happening to both of us and our animals.

Also our phones are tapped on a regular basis and it is now a standing joke amongst my friends and contacts, that we ask those listening to at least have a pair enough to say Hi and introduce themselves. Then they usually go away for a bit.

The types of things that would not happen on any given day or year. The types of things that would cause us to take time away from what we do best of spreading the Truth about the Dark Elite Cabal.

But although there were disruptions for us both,  it was decided by both LadyDragon and myself, C K Rich, to hit the Dark Cabal even harder than before and get the Truth out about the Control, Enslavement and Destruction that the Dark Elite Cabalist Illuminati have done, and continue to do to all of Mankind and this Planet!!!

So if you are of the Light, make sure that your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked positions, because you are about to go on the ride of your life…for the life and freedom of all!!

If you are a Dark Elite Illuminati Cabalist…well let’s just say… “No Where to Run, No Where to Hide”. Your time is up and ‘We the People’ are coming for you!!

Namaste 🙂

C K Rich


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