More Information from Drake and Company 4-1-12

More Information from Drake and Company 4-1-12


Today on the Freedom Reigns radio show (called the Freedomizer Radio Show), Drake and his group presented more information on what is going on currently. Drake appears in the first 60 minutes (Parts 1 & 2), and answers questions from readers and chat rooms during the call.

The remainder of the show (2 hours) seemed to cover much information in which some may be interested. I only listened to the first 60 minutes.

Part 2 has some interesting information about APAC, and their role in 9-11.

Parts 1 and 2 were volume adjusted and all music and commercials were removed (Parts 3-4 were left as is).

Download mp3s here:

Part 1 (0-30 min.) (contains the Drake)
Part 2 (30-60 min.) (contains the Drake)

Part 3 (60-120 min.)
Part 4 (120-172 min.)


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