It is important that you are at peace in your heart’s knowing. – Archangel Michael


It is important that you are at peace in your heart’s knowing. – Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

A cheerful good morning to all those who continue to seek out our message.  There is much doubt and fear being injected into the proceedings by those who warn of interference by technological means.  We tell you once again not to follow that which does not feel right in your heart’s response to it.  If that is our own messages, then so be it.  Nothing is more important than your peace and the raising of your spiritual energy.

You will also notice an unmistakable convergence of a great many of the messages available to you now.  We remind you that we spoke of this to you several times in the past.  As we get closer and closer to the end of this period, and you become more accomplished and clearer in your purpose, the scope of these messages will narrow even further.  And it is true, after all, that the source of spiritual truth is, in the end, One.

We are not attempting to teach one truth versus another truth.  We are simply guiding you in finding the one truth for yourselves.  We think that, by this time, you are able to discern what feels good in your heart and what does not.  We advise that you follow that and only that.

If you are of the belief that you are new to this and you need help sorting things out, then by all means ask.  Ask in your silence.  Ask your own heart.  And then have enough patience to hear the answer in your feelings.  We are there with you.  You will receive your answers.  Has it not always been promised?

Reach out also now to those you find around you who are of like mind.  Support one another.  Much strength may be gained there.  This is our message for today.  It is shorter than it is most days, but it is as important as always.  It is also the same as always, find your truth, center yourself, stay grounded, and stand firm.  It is not important whether you are in agreement with the world or not.  It is important that you are at peace in your heart’s knowing.

A moment approaches which will validate your inner knowing once and for all.  We will not leave your side while you need our presence.  You were born with guardians and guides around you and they have not slept once in all your days.  When we end these messages, do not think that we are apart until the next one.  We are, in fact, only as far away as your thought of us.  Good day now.  Our love go with you.

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