Imminent Mass Arrests of Globalists, Bankers and Political Elite

Imminent Mass Arrests of Globalists, Bankers and Political Elite

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Last updated on March 31, 2012 EDT by in5d Alternative News

In a recent interview with David Wilcock, Insider ‘Drake’ stated a
comprehensive plan to arrest all corrupt globalist, banksters and the
political elite within a 72 hour period involving the closing down of
U.S. borders and satellite communications to prevent and out of country
money transfers. Drake added that a transition plan is already in place
to convert the U.S. dollar to one that is not based on fiat currency.
Additionally, we can expect to see the release of many suppressed
technologies that will make our modern life seem like the Stone Age.

Drake mentioned that other countries and non-aligned nations have
already stepped outside of the financial control of the G5 and G20 in a
new financial system that was implemented on Monday.

The insider also stated that JP Morgan, Bank of America and Citibank
are on the verge of collapse adding that the Euro is set to collapse,
which in turn, would collapse the dollar. To finance this changeover in
currency, Drake stated that there are old funds held by patriotic
entities that have enough money and valued assets to pay for our
national debt 4x over, adding, “This is not collateral accounts, this is
private accounting. The end result will be the end of taxation, the
release of suppressed technology and prosperity for all.

Continuity of goods and services should still remain in tact, and
while there may be a few short discontinuations of services, they should
occur for any long periods of time. It may be a good idea to have a
small stockpile of basic necessities, such as water, canned food, toilet
paper, etc…

In recent alternative news, as seen here on in5d, we have shown
numerous articles on the plethora of bankster resignations in the past
several months. According to Drake, many of these people gathered their
families and a large quantity of money and moved overseas. Drake added
that these people will be hunted down no matter where they are on this
planet. In regard to the elite, Drake stated that “There’s gonna be some
hangings. There’s gonna be some people jumping out of windows” but
added that he does not want to see the riotous lynch mobs emanating from
our society….

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