Illusion of Fear ~ Exit Stage Left ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/15/12


Exit Stage Left

Illusion of Fear ~ Exit Stage Left ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/15/12

Channeled Through Greg Giles

Zeroing in on just what it is you have desired for yourselves are those who have taken the initiative, who have gone the extra mile, who have persevered when others quit, faltered or allowed themselves to become distracted in a world full of distraction, complication and obstacles, all that have been placed in your path by you yourselves, for it is you who wished for these challenges to be issued to you to test your strength and to build upon your character and your consciousness, for you felt these things were very important to you on your journey. You felt you wanted and needed to be pushed to your limits. You felt that this was the best and surest way to get everything out of your opportunity of incarnation into a physical body living in a physical world living amongst others who are also here for many similar reasons and they too would be facing mountains of challenges and obstacles and their own personal distractions.

Yes, this is your world, the world that you all have created for yourselves, a world that is sometimes perplexing and sometimes confusing and all the times complicated and problematic with barely any solutions that were in reach, for this is how you wanted it, for what good would it have done if there were so many solutions to all of your problems and challenges readily available? We ask you this. We ask you; if there were not another team here, another contingency plotting and scheming and conspiring and acting against you, where then would these challenges come from? This is what we ask you today, for we wish you to take another look at who your adversaries are, for we wish you to understand them and their motivations better.

There is something that is making them tick, is it not? Something is making them tick inside and it is ticking loud and it is ticking clear. Something is motivating them, driving them to do what it is they do. What is it that could be motivating them so much, so much where they have also sacrificed so much for their beliefs, for their agenda, for their evil plot of destruction and their quest for more money, power and control? They stop at nothing, have you noticed that? They let not even the fear of inevitable arrest, trial and sentencing for their crimes slow them or stop them from continuing to scheme and plot and even act against you, the people of Earth. What possibly could lie inside a being to push them so hard like this, towards such an agenda as dark and as evil and as destructive as theirs?

We are interested to hear what you think about this today. This is your assignment, your homework, if you will, and if you would be so kind we would love you to leave your comments beneath our message and talk amongst yourselves and discuss what it is that they possess inside that perhaps you do not or perhaps you do. We will not give you any more hints about this, for we wish for your ideas, not ours. We will, as we always do, read and study your comments beneath our message today and say to you to always remember there are no wrong answers when you are all working together and doing your best to share your honest and sincerest feelings while honoring the opinions and views of all others. That is the key, for as long as you are leaving your comments in a manner that is polite, that is respectful, that is not demeaning or insulting or sarcastic to another then we welcome all of your comments, even the ones that disagree, even rather strongly, with us, our organization and our mission here in service to others.

This is a point that seems to be missed by a large number of you who feel that by our protests of those who are leaving some of these negative comments that you feel we wish in some way to silence the voices that oppose us, that distrust us, that believe that we are here as part of some sort of negative agenda to conquer you or control you or steal from you in some way. We wish to remind you that this certainly is not the case. What we object to are those of you who are attacking other’s points of view with ‘sharpened points’, sharpened sticks you may say, by hurling stones at them you could even say. What we are trying to say is there is more than one way to leave your points of view for others.

One of these ways is to leave these points of view and opinion in a polite and respectful manner, being conscious of other people’s feelings, for you may be doing damage to them with your pointed and slanted rhetoric, slanderous speak and insinuation and accusation. There is another way that you can leave your point of view and this is with respect for other’s feelings and emotions and for their points of view as well. Do you see the difference here? There is a very large difference here, and this is the difference that we wish you to see, for perhaps if you could see this more clearly you would understand precisely which comments we feel do not belong here.

It is not the comments that disagree with us or take an opposing stance to us, no, not at all. It is the comments that are hurtful towards others, that accuse and slander and insult others and inflame ill will and feeling because these are words are crafted and used to hurt another, to demean them, to verbally abuse them almost as if they were fists flying in the air. See the difference? If you see this difference today please let us know this as well, for this is very important as we wish to clear the air about this and make our intentions and our points of view as crystal clear as possible and we do not wish any of you to be confused about what we have been saying.

Now that we have made our point on this, let us speak to you today about what it is we shall be doing in the line of work with you in the near days ahead. We will be rendezvousing with a number of you who have been selected among your peers to work side-by-side with us on a very important project. We will not discuss any longer what this project is until this project has already begun. Many of you already know very well what this project is, for you have been following our messages shared through our channel for a while now and we thank you for this and say to you your involvement with us is greatly appreciated. Your trust in us is greatly appreciated and very important, for it is your faith in us that will make all these changes possible. They cannot have been made possible under any other circumstances.

Do you see this? Do you see that if you did not trust us then we could not work with you personally and even indirectly, for lack of trust causes fear and it is fear that we must avoid here at all times. Fear causes a lot of problems, it causes a lot of confusion, it causes a lot of conflict. It also causes a lot of violence. Yes, this is what fear does. Fear allows a being to lash out at others, for he does this in a defensive reaction, for he feels he needs to take the offensive so he is not harmed. This is one of the illusions of fear, and this is why it is important for us to do what we can to calm your fears. We certainly have no use for anyone that is enflaming these fears, that is giving the flames of fear oxygen.

Do you understand this? This is why we will not be working either directly or indirectly with any of you that have been stirring the pot, as you say, for we cannot have you anywhere near us if you’re going to be inflaming others and filling them with your own fears, doubts, suspicions, distrusts, conspiracy theories and even paranoia. Yes, some of you are actually reaching the threshold of paranoiac reaction. You have left the domain of rational thought and that is what paranoia is. Paranoia is technically an area of your brain that begins to compute for you when other portions of your brain that are commonly used to compute these things for you are now neglected, unused, ignored, and instead, areas of your brain that sound alarm bells, that are primarily used for primitive survival are now used.

By ‘primitive’ we do not mean this caveman and cavewoman nonsense, no, for you were never primitive like that. What we mean is the basic constructs of the human brain and other brains as well throughout this entire universe where there are basic survival skills that are embedded in these portions of the brain. Many of these basic survival skills are, yes, fear. Fear breeds survival and its drive and its protection. That’s what fear is. Fear can be used for some good, this is true, but we do not wish to confuse the issue here and we remind you that fear now at this point of your journey is completely useless, is beyond useless, it is detrimental and dangerous to you and to others around you. That is what fear is now for you.

You are well beyond your early days of survival. You have been beyond those days before you ever incarnated here on this planet into the physical, some of you, hundreds of thousands of years ago. Yes, that long ago, and well before you got here you had already left behind you the days when compartments of your brain that utilized fear in order for you to survive were useful to you. Do you understand how long ago now fear has become absolutely useless to you? This is not something new. This is not where you are stepping out of your 3rd dimensional reality and into your higher 5th dimensional reality, no.  You have lost all use and all value for fear and its many components countless eons ago, so we say to you it is high time, as you say, to now release it completely as it is damaging you and others around you and is very detrimental to your journey and to other people’s journeys as well, for your fear is affecting them. Yes, you can all see this. Look what this kind of fear-based paranoiac talk is doing to those around you. You are frightening your neighbor, you are scaring your own brother and sister and you are filling their head with all kinds of nightmarish possibilities and scenarios and conspiracy theories when there is no call for this.

We are not here to conquer. This is just an outright falsehood. We are here in service to others, for this is what we do. This is what our organization the Galactic Federation of Light stands for, and it stands for nothing else, and if you could see what we see, if you could feel what is in our hearts just for one of your split seconds you would understand this, you would see this, you would feel this and you would know this, and this is one of the reasons why we share our messages to you each and every day. We wish for you to somehow see this, to somehow feel this and we feel we are doing a good job here, for there are many of you who at one time may have feared us, but they no longer do and they now trust us, and for those of you who have made that journey we say to you bravo and you just may be working with us one day soon. For those of you who have yet to take these very important steps we say to you it is never too late for you to close the door on this compartment of your brain where fear resides, for it is not helping you on your journey. It is not going to benefit you in any way today, tomorrow, or any day ahead. The day for this usefulness of fear is well behind you.

Now that we have cleared that up we would like to continue by discussing a little bit about how your new world will be set up and perhaps who will be its inhabitants. This is a question, a mystery even for many of you and we certainly understand why, as we have not exactly been forthcoming with what we feel you will be experiencing. This is for many reasons, but the bottom line is it has been for your own good. Yes, we do not do anything for our own good, for we are not here for us, we are here for you, and if you could always remember that you will drop all the suspicion and distrust and just believe what we say when we say due to our experience and our acquired wisdom and our higher dimensional perspective that yes, we daresay, we do know what is good for you, for we are your guides after all, and if your own spirit guides do not know what is good for you who would, we ask you.

It is difficult sometimes for even you to know what is good for you, for you are living in an illusionary world. Yes, we need to make this clear to you that nothing here is real, that’s why it is considered an illusion, when how could a world that is so manipulated by so many different beings, some with great power over your reality, be real. In the higher stretches of this universe within the higher dimensions this kind of manipulation, this kind of playacting, role playing or script writing does not exist, for here it is a real existence. We have real careers and real tasks to do every day and real friends and real family. We do not wish to say that your family and your friends there are phonies or they do not love you or you do not love them and enjoy their company, no, that is not what we are saying. What we are saying is you have scripts written of who your family and friends are going to be in this lifetime. You have conjured up, if you will, experiences for you all to learn and gain from.

This, the reality you are living is just like a play or a movie and you are the stars, do you see? This is why we say you are living in an illusion and nothing is really real, for it’s a play, a script. You are really there, that much is true, and there are really walls in your house and you’re really walking on floor and you really have a pet dog and all that, yes, that’s true, that is real, but what is not real is the motivations behind all of the individuals in your life, for that part is scripted and we wish you to always remember this the next time you may feel like judging someone for their actions or their lives, what they are all about or even what they look like, for everything about them has been scripted and the same can be said for you.

You are the leading man or woman in your production and your brothers and sisters are also the leading men and women of their production, do you see? It depends what your perspective is, and since you are only one being in your world right now your perspective is from, well, you. So you are the star of your show and we just wish you to remember that and also remember that yes indeed, it is a show and this is why we say nothing in your world is real and why we are helping you ‘graduate’, if you will, or exit stage left from your play.

With that said, let us return to what we see will be taking place in your new world, for it will be a world that is now returning to a state of reality. There you go. There is the big difference. You are leaving your play, your illusion, your reality, and wow, what a difference you are going to see and experience once the curtain falls on this, your very long and wonderful and exciting and thrilling and suspenseful and sometimes comedic, but always heart wrenching performance. You are going to return to the land of reality, where everything is real, where your friends are really your friends and not actors who have been scripted to join you on adventures. The loves that you find are going to be real, they are not going to be scripted romances for you. Yes, many of the people that you may have loved the most are actors or actresses, though they do not know this. You wrote the script for them so how could they know what their roles are. They do not, so do not think there is some great conspiracy where everyone knows they are acting but you, for this is not true.

There is a delightful film in your world that we have seen, for our channel Greg was so moved by this film that it was on his mind for quite a while and his higher self understood this and recommended it to us. So we picked up a copy, you might say, and we all sat together and watched it. It was called The Truman Show, and it was a film about a man who lived a life of illusion. Everything around him was fake, was phony, was a movie set. All his friends and family and colleagues at work were actors who consciously knew they were acting and he did not know that they were all just part of a grand and elaborate performance. The stars above his head were stage lights very far up in the distance. The horizon was a painted canvas of blue sky and white clouds. The ocean that surrounded him on his small island was simply a large fountain that kept him locked in his little world of illusion.

This was such a wonderful film and we recommend this to all of you as this is largely true. This is exactly what is going on in your world today. The only difference, and it is a big difference, is all of your friends and family and lovers and all of the people in your towns and your cities are also living lives of illusion and they do not know as they did in The Truman Show that they are acting, that they are merely performers, as in your illusion each and every one of you is Truman, each and every one of you is the true-man, and that is some of the symbolism that is contained within this film.

There is more, and I am sure that since so many of you may now go out and pick up a copy and watch this film that Greg would be delighted to share with you the symbolism that he and his brother have deciphered from this film, for the symbolism is absolutely marvelous and we highly recommend all of you to learn more of what film symbolism and literary symbolism is all about, for there are many wonderful ‘back stories’ we will call them, that are hidden from the camera, that are only detectable through careful thought and contemplation and sleuthing.

We say to you that this is also true in your lives, for there is a back story here. Yes, there are secrets of this production. There is a story beneath this story. Hidden beneath all those mundane things you may be doing merely to get by there is something else happening here. We will not tell you what that is, for we would be spoiling this plot for you, but we highly recommend to all of you to more carefully contemplate your world around you including your family and your friends and your experiences and try to discover what the motivations of your friends and your family have been when they have either started a quarrel with you or a lover broke your heart or you got fired at a job or a friend suddenly leaves your life and doesn’t tell you why.

All these things have a divine purpose. They have a hidden story and a concealed message for you, and if you could somehow discover the secrets your small world could open up into an unbelievably far reaching paradise, just as Truman discovered when he began to search for it, and we say to you that if you too make the time and make the effort and begin to search for some of the secrets hidden in your world that you will find them, you will discover them, and they will open up for you an entirely new and very real reality beyond the stage of your current illusionary, but brilliantly and certainly well acted and wonderfully scripted performance.

We are the producers, the directors of this, your show, but we are not the actors, for we do not act, we do not tell stories, and our lines are not scripted, only some of yours are, but we remind you not all, just some of your lines are scripted, for much of what you say and your friends and family and lovers say comes only from the heart and we do not script that part of your show and neither have you, for that you have left for something else to write and that something else was love. You allowed love to speak its own part, to ad lib, to stand at center stage in lighted monologue and recite its poetry. That is what love is. Love is real. Love is the only thing that is real in your lives. Love is the essence. It is what lies at the heart of every plot twist and turn of your existence. Love and only love sings in the rain. Love and only love climbs great mountains just to say it has done it. Love is the emotion that stirs your winds, filling your sails that allows your ship to reach new lands, and that is just what many of you are doing today. You are reaching a new land, a new dream, a new reality, unscripted and un-acted, only real.

We are the production company called the Galactic Federation of Light.

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