An Hour With An Angel with Archangel Michael on Ascension Replay


An Hour With An Angel with Archangel Michael on Ascension Replay

By InLight Radio

This was a good show as most all of the Hour With An Angel Shows are. But there was some really good information that I thought many may want to listen to, especially as the show get’s farther along. You may very well get some questions answered, so enjoy the replay with Archangel Michael. I will leave the link below….

An Hour With An Angel : Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael to discuss the Ascension progress and process.

We’ve pre-recorded An Hour with an Angel and as things happened, we spoke for the full hour with Archangel Michael and will need to have Ashtar on next week, at which time we’ll speak for the full hour with him as well.

Archangel Michael spoke about what we could expect between now and Ascension Dec. 21, how we’ll be feeling, what will change in us, what the world would look and feel like after Ascension, how children and pets will “fly freely” with no need for preparations by parents or pet owners, what will happen to those who don’t choose to ascend, whether we’ll wake up in our same apartments and homes, what will be the same and different about us after Ascension – and much more.

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