Hilarion: You are Creating a New Way of Relating Here on Planet Earth

Hilarion: You are Creating a New Way of Relating Here on Planet Earth

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

Beloved Ones,

The challenges that have beset you for such an extended period of time are now in their completion stages and the end is in sight of these rather disempowering situations.

Your tenacity and sincerity in your quest for greater insight and spiritual growth has enabled you to amass great strength as you called upon your inner reserves to see you through these periods of friction and opposition that you might bring into manifestation your own unique and personal power.

This you have been accomplishing and soon these situations you have experienced will be known to you as the ‘good old days’ as you move into a greater focus of your true purpose here on Earth.

Time and again, you have floundered in confusion as what you had previously dealt with came back magnified in intensity to be looked at yet again. We say to you that these events are not entirely of your own karmic patterns as they also encompass the archetypal patterns of disempowering universal thoughts that have become part of the overall consciousness field around the atmosphere of the Earth.

As you have been working upon your personal issues, the greater field of consciousness has also been going through transformation, enabling those who follow your path to find their way to the higher realms much more easily than would have been possible before.

By your willingness and great Love of your fellows upon this beautiful planet, you have been engaging the breaking up and dissolution of these age old patterns of thought and replacing them with peaceful and harmonious energies that affect human thought and inclination….


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