Highlights of David Wilcock Interview with Mass Arrests Insider “Drake” 3/28/12

Highlights of David Wilcock Interview with Mass Arrests Insider “Drake” 3/28/12

Repost By Greg Giles

“Drake” is the name used by an insider to the plan to arrest many thousands of bad guys in the United States who are responsible for numerous crimes against the general public. This man “Drake” was asked by the Pentagon to inform people about what to expect when these mass arrests are broadcast. Drake was given a large stack of papers detailing a plan for all this back in 1979. He said he did not read all of it, but he did read some of it, and this is the basis for the plan of arresting all the high-level crooks.

Much work has been done through the years to get this done in a lawful and peaceful manner, with research that Drake did on the origins of law going back many thousands of years. The bottom line is, the good guys have paperwork that gives the military civilian authority to contact Federal Marshals, who in turn contact local law enforcement, who actually make the arrests. The  important thing to know is that this is NOT about military action, or a military coup, or martial law. There may be a stand of troops to back up the law enforcement actions, and the Federal Marshals will be with them. The military will be there only to give assistance as needed. People who have called out the National Guard on occasions have acted illegally, and were told, “Don’t ever do that again.”

David Wilcock and Drake will be notified of arrests a day or so ahead, so it can be put on the Internet and go viral. David Wilcock says there are “an astonishing number of deeply-imbedded moles, who are so much closer to these people {arrestees} than anybody thought they could get.” Drake says most of  these people are office-types and NOT physically active. The plan is NOT to create chaos or violence. When Drake’s people get the green light that all is done, it is to go viral with the reports of the arrests,  including contacting mainstream media. Also, there are plans and people in place to make sure electricity, phone, Internet, and sewage service will work while this is going on. There is tactical positioning going on right now for this.

A key element here is the bad guys’ financial power has been severely curtailed; they no longer have the funds to pay anyone to do their dirty work. Documents and paperwork held by the good guys supersedes anything after the original 13th Amendment from 1812. Anything—executive orders, rules, regulations, etc. that is unlawful and unconstitutional is null and void once this comes down! This means any and every law or regulation that is against the Original Constitution.

A majority of the U.S. military already supports these mass arrests. Drake was instructed to contact as many of the underground militia groups as possible, including freedom groups and anyone with a gun to tell them what was happening and enlist their help if need be. All the FEMA camps throughout the country that the bad guys intended for us, will be used to house THEM, instead! What will happen is a clampdown in the U.S.: Satellite systems will not work, so no international phone calls can be made, and NO traffic will be allowed in or out of the country! The closure of national borders does come under military control, in the event of “extraordinary circumstances.” And this extraordinary circumstance deals with the FREEDOM of our country, when the bad guys decide to run for the hills.

In the stock market crash of 2008, TRILLIONS of dollars were sent out of the country electronically, which triggered an alarm, and it was stopped by the good guys—they cut the communications. Otherwise, we would have had the 1930s all over again—another huge stock market crash. Thus, satellites will be turned off when this comes down to protect us from electronic transfers of funds out of the country. The reason for no international travel is to keep the bankers from loading up a Learjet and taking off; if they do, they will be shot down! This will be a total clampdown for 72 hours, if need be.

The timeline is: It will take 24 hours for the first sweep to do mass arrests; a 2nd sweep will be another 5-6 hours to make sure they have all the records necessary to convict these people. The other part—certain sensitive areas, like power plants and places that have records, will be protected to keep them from being blown up. When all is clear and the military action has culminated, then this will go viral on the Internet.

Drake says that videos of this will be supplied. Also, he says that there will be a specific educational channel telling about  the history of the bad guys-how they came to power and how they operated, which will run for several months. The main thing to remember is: DO NOT PANIC and do not worry when this happens. This has all been carefully planned out for many years, and all will be explained when this comes down. There will be so many people vacating offices that there will be an extraordinary need for people to step up temporarily to fill these positions. It will be stressed that this is ONLY TEMPORARY.  At the end of the 72-hour (or less) period, a public announcement will be made from the press room of the White House.

These big changes were forecast in ancient prophecies from all over the world thousands of years ago. A Golden Age has been predicted for a very long time, along with the complete demise of evil. Thousands of new technologies that have been suppressed for decades will be released to the public, which includes star gates and food replicators, which have both been used for along time. Replicators work with the mind and create food from matter, which is converted to pure nutrition as we eat it.

A lot of the media will also be gone, as they are complicit in this whole scheme as well, keeping the truth from us. The excuse, “I was only following orders”, or “I was only doing my job” will NOT fly! Finally, everyone in the Pentagon is aware this is happening.

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