Highlights from Benjamin Fulford’s 9-3-12 Message…


Highlights from Benjamin Fulford’s 9-3-12 Message…

By Kauilapele

I’ve just finished creating a list of highlights from Ben’s weekly message, which helped me to see the extent of potential impact of what he wrote about. The 3-11-11 earthquake-tsunami bomb evidence is now leaking out into the “public” domain. Ben also states that many of the recently reported deaths of some well known people are a result of in-fighting among Illuminati groups. He also reports that a recent attack on Neil Keenan “appears to be related to an ongoing tussle over the rights to the global collateral accounts.”

Overall, the great news is that, as surely many “readers” and others have seen in the past, the dark is eating itself up. I recall after elections here in 2010, and the Republican congressional folks started not doing a whole lot, I clearly got that these “dark” ones (not necessarily just of the Republican party) started exposing themselves for what they were (and generally, not for “the people”, rather, for “the Corporation”). Exposure… what a bugger!



  • The financial war that has been raging intensely for the past several years is now down to a few factions all marred by infighting… one side is the fascist P2 lodge.. the other side… several groups all claiming they want to do good but need to be in charge.
  • Several recent high-profile deaths may be related to this… climaxing struggle… Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Bishop of Milan reported Vatican spy master… Sergey Leonidovich Sokolov, the former head of the Soviet Union’s armed forces… Reverend Sun Myung Moon, head of the Unification Church… known as a powerful player in the Asian underworld…
  • …former Prime Minister Kan Naoto of Japan revealed a lot of secrets about the 311… terrorist attack… said that he was asked by the head of the Tokyo Electric Power company… to order the evacuation of 30 million people from… greater Tokyo area.
  • This was part of a plan aimed at creating a new Asian financial capital in Pusan, South Korea and staffing it with… brainwashed Japanese slaves from the greater Tokyo metropolitan area…
  • Kan also told the gathered Japanese and foreign corporate media representatives and diplomats that his best explanation for why the Fukushima nuclear plants did not go into full melt-down was “divine intervention.”
  • …diplomats and journalists were also informed that… Slasha Zaric (…Alexander Romanov) is under… protective custody… and has testified that he participated in the smuggling into Japan of the nuclear weapon used in the attack.
  • …we now have direct forensic evidence (…taped conversations… phone calls) linking the following individuals to the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder: Yasuhiro Nakasone… Peter Hans Kolvenbach… Benjamin Netanyahu…
  • …Neil Keenan was accosted by some Italians outside of his home in Bulgaria… subsequently hospitalized with a lung infection… A threat to this writer was also reported in the same e-mail.
  • This incident appears to be related to an ongoing tussle over the rights to the global collateral accounts.


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Ben may be contacted at any of the emails below which he provides on his websites:
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