We Can Now Help You More ~ TAUK with Sfhs 15 April 2012

We Can Now Help You More ~ TAUK with Sfhs 15 April 2012

By Laura Tyco


Dear friends, by now for many of you, there is hardly any doubt left concerning the fact that you are heading into the right direction concerning your growth and your spiritual evolution.

We are particularly pleased to witness many of you awakening to the reality of the situation on planet Earth. We approve of your taking action in order to remove the few ones on the top of the cabal pyramid. This has always been within your grasp, as there is really a handful of negative controlling beings on the top of the pyramid compared to Billions of light souls on your planet.

The issue has been that so far many of you have accepted bribery and compromise from the ones on top, including genetic manipulation and control over the human population. This had taken place over many millennia and has spread all the way into the mid layer of the control pyramid, with reptilian half breads among your daily lives. So one could say that a certain amount of infiltration has taken place. This infiltration happened in your society by reptilian and half reptilian beings, who may or may not be aware of their role within your midst.

Indeed our hesitation and inability to interfere in your choices and internal decision making process can be explained by the fact that some of you have accepted to work for your own enslavers, in exchange for profit. They have done so knowingly and wilfully. As a consequence, our right of interference has not allowed us for millennia to step in, even though so many souls have been suffering on Mother Earth. Because of free will, even when a civilisation decides to collaborate with its own enemies, we of the Galactic Federation, are obliged to respect their choice.

Our main function has been so far only limiting the damage endured by Mother Earth and to limit tears into the higher dimension fabric of all things, by monitoring nuclear weaponry use. However you are now awakening en mass, enabling you all to understand the situation far better than before and also to take steps in order to remove beings with sombre intentions from positions of power. As your intention to rejoin the light forces becomes more and more apparent, as your actions to isolate the damage done by those of darker intentions are bearing fruit, so will we and divine forces join forces with you more and more in order to restore the full light on Mother Earth over the coming years.

I am Sfhs, of the Galactic Federation.


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