Heart ~ Shimmering Ones 27 February 2012

Heart ~ Shimmering Ones 27 February 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

We are here dear ones each step that you take and we are here to guide and support as you now move more fully into the new energies. The new energies are now increasing and many of you are now FEELing the effects of not only the increasing energies within your bodies but across and within planet earth. These energies will only heighten as that which no longer serves is dissolved across and within planet earth. We note many are now falling into chaos and we are here to show you the way out of chaos.

That which you hold onto is not TRUTH and this will show as the world appearing to dissolve in front of your very eyes. Many are holding on blindly to what is “familiar” without questioning the value it has within their life experience. We guide for you to process the words through your heart and KNOW TRUTH. That which you hold onto so desperately but is trying to dissolve is not TRUTH and we ask why you hold on so tightly? Why do you allow definition of SELF through objects and possessions? For that which YOU ARE is not visible to your naked eye. Many look in the mirror and believe the teachings of distortion that teaches the reflection is all that is there. We guide this is distortion on many levels and guide all to detach from this. Mirrors have been used in many different ways to contain and suppress and we guide for you to look within to process our words for TRUTH. How can you define that which is indefinable?

How can you see the LIGHT that is within with a brief glance at a reflection, a reflection you have been taught to distrust and to dislike? That which has held you in the distortion is now beginning to dissolve and break down and yet many are now crying out in despair, holding on to that which has enslaved them. Do you not dream to be FREE and accept your FREEdom? That which is containing is the teachings that you have absorbed deep into your BEing, the thoughts that fleet across your mind are not innocent for they have a twist that will see you turn the key once more in the lock of the door of your prison. Why do so many on planet earth believe they have no power? Why do you look to those around you and compare yourself to them? why do you allow the mind so much power in a world that is based on emotions and the  heart?

These are the questions to ask SELF in the silence within the heart. For there is no way to invoke logic in the process of awakening. Logic is what has contained and suppressed for aeons and we guide all to question the value of continuing to think endlessly about what just IS.

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