Greek TV Attack Prompts Protests Denouncing ‘Dark Force’ of Fascism

Greek TV Attack Prompts Protests Denouncing ‘Dark Force’ of Fascism

Stephen: Just over a week out from the rescheduled Greek elections, and the country’s political schisms widen following a shocking assault on two female politicians by neo-Nazi party’s spokesperson during a live TV debate.

Greeks Protest Against Violent Neo-Nazi MP on the Run

Golden Dawn spokesman who assaulted leftwing politicians evades arrest as protesters denounce fascism

By Helena Smith in Athens, The Guardian – June 8, 2012

Protesters across Greece poured on to the streets of cities Friday night, denouncing the “dark force” of fascism as the spokesman of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party continued to elude arrest more than 24 hours after his extraordinary on-screen assault of two female leftwing politicians.

Nine days before fresh general elections, the fault lines in Greek society are deepening.

And late on Friday, as a police manhunt for Ilias Kasidiaris showed little sign of yielding a positive result, the divisions were on full display.

While anti-fascist demonstrators descended on public squares, supporters of Golden Dawn crammed into a hotel in Athens to hear the party’s leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, rail against immigrant “scum” and the corrupt and crooked system that had brought the crisis-hit country to such a “dark place”.

“There is growing polarization. People are becoming increasingly radicalized thanks to all the rhetoric in the EU and here against the anti-austerity leftist majority and that is opening the door for Golden Dawn,” said veteran activist Petros Constantinou. “We are demonstrating not only against the rise of the far right but against those who have enabled fascism to take root.”

Constantinou, a tall, thin man who has spent years running an organization that protects migrants, is, like a growing number of Greeks, convinced that it is the police who have facilitated Golden Dawn. “Without police cover and protection Golden Dawn would not have survived,” he said. “And the proof of that is the failure to capture Kasidiaris.

“How is it possible that a man can do what he did in a television studio and yet manage to get away and stay on the run after a state prosecutor has ordered his arrest? The police clearly don’t want to arrest him.”…

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