The Great Attraction ~ Must Read To End!

The Great Attraction ~ Must Read To End!

Channeled By Allison Rae
Posted by Wes Annac

Friday, 20 April, 2012

Feel yourself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what you truly love
– Rumi

Are you restless or anxious, aware that something big is about to
happen but unsure what it is? You’re not alone. Uncertainty seems to be
the new normal. I’ve been studying the astrology of 2012 for a long time
now, and I understand one thing. Much will be revealed over the course
of the next 10 weeks.

The passages of May and June are a feast for the senses:

Beltane (Samhain in southern hemisphere) cross-quarter gateway – May 1-5

Beltane/Wesak full moon – May 5

Annular solar eclipse – May 20

Partial lunar eclipse – June 4 (mutable grand cross, conjunct the Great Attractor)

Transit of Venus – June 5/6

Venus’ heliacal rise from the underworld – June 12/13

Jupiter, Venus, the Moon and the great star Aldebaran in the pre-dawn sky – mid-June

Cancer Solstice – June 20/21

Uranus square Pluto – June 23/24 (first of seven exact squares through 2015)

The visual transits will be spell-binding, especially the annular
solar eclipse and the historic Transit of Venus. On May 20, the sun will
set in eclipse over parts of the western United States. The Venus
transit is like an eclipse with the shadowy figure of our sister planet
crossing the face of the Sun. This transit will be visible in many parts
of the world. It won’t happen again until 2117.

Away We Go
The magic begins this Saturday as the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus.
The new moon initiates a 28-day lunar cycle that culminates in the May
20 eclipse.

The solar and lunar cycles dovetail in early May as the Beltane
cross-quarter gateway leads into the Scorpio/Taurus full moon, which is
the festival of the Buddha (Wesak) in esoteric traditions. Beltane – the
mid-point between the March Equinox and the Solstice in June – is the
ancient celebration of rebirth and renewal, planting, fertility and

In Hinduism and Buddhism, the holy day of Wesak celebrates the birth,
death and enlightenment of the Buddha. This Scorpio/Taurus full moon is
considered the most spiritual lunation of the year. And, this year, the
full moons of April, May and June are all extra-potent supermoons.

People keep asking where and when they can view the astro alignments.
That depends. I’ve put together some resources to help plan viewing and
ceremonial observance of these extraordinary events (links below). Some
will travel to be sure they can watch. You can even download a Venus
transit app for your phone!

The Eclipses…

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