Great Read ~ Are We There Yet?

Great Read ~ Are We There Yet?

Posted by Stephen Cook

Don’t you sometimes feel like a kid again, sitting in the back seat
of the car, with your father or mother driving you to a holiday
destination and wondering: “Are we ever, ever, ever going to get there?”

Sometimes the traveling can be intensely boring and mundane. Either
way, time seems to drag on for hours, days and weeks (even years, in my
own childhood perception of time!).

And it always seems that the closer you get to that long-awaited destination, the further away it seems.

Sometimes anger, hunger, tiredness and hopelessness set in. Sometimes we might even fight amongst ourselves.

Yet once we arrive at that place of paradise, all thoughts and memory
of homework, exams, sibling rivalry and that never-ending journey
instantly fade into oblivion.

Can you tell where I’m going here?

Is this current trip we’re all on – this journey through and out of
duality and on to Ascension – any different in its detailed planning,
scope, navigational hazards and required patience than that holiday road

Is it frustrating? Exhausting? Do you feel a little crabby and irritated?

Have you had second thoughts? Have you doubted we’ll get there? Have you started bickering?

They always say the last few miles are the longest and most difficult
to get through. But in this case, the most momentous trip of all our
lifetimes will be absolutely, totally worth it.

OK, yes, some days I do feel like I’m doing everything I can to
visualize, dream, uphold the light and assist my fellow humans to do
everything we all can to bring it on. And nothing much appears to have
happened or is happening. On those days, I want to get there like, well,

In those moments, the journey feels the same as that relentless
school days’ vacation trip: impatiently looking out the window for the
next important landmark that says we’re one step closer to our golden
journey’s end.

And while all our channeled sources, writers, philosophers, ancient
civilizations, Starseed brothers and sisters and fellow Lightworkers
keep on giving us endless clues, updates and continuously loving
information that we’re indeed getting ever closer to our much desired
destination with each passing day, on some days I join the many who
continue to ask for proof. A sign post. Several, in fact.

This despite the very solid fact that I know, deep down, that the
evidence of how far we’ve all traveled on this particular journey is
all around us.

Nevertheless, it’s in those frustrated moments I usually find myself asking a whole heap of questions….

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