Galactic Confederation ~ COBRA


Galactic Confederation ~ COBRA

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As I have said, Galactic Confederation is a loose confederate union of positive civilizations within this Galaxy, such as Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians… Its leaders are ascended masters, beings that live in enlightened state of consciousness. On this planet, Galactic Confederation is known under many names: Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, Galactic Confederation of Planets, Galactic Federation of Planets, United Federation of Planets… All those names describe the same, positive group.

There has been an idea circling on the internet that Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light are two groups, one being positive and the other negative. This is not true. There are no negative ET groups beyond this planet left. Both Galactic Federation and Galactic Federation of Light describe the same, positive group.

There are many beings on this planet claiming to have contact with this positive group. In most cases this is not true also. Some people have genuine energetic contact with this positive group, but most telepathic messages from the Galactic Confederation are intercepted by Archons and their technology on the mental, astral and etheric planes. Then the Archons insert messages that look full of love and light on a first impression, but in reality are just recycled phrases. They also mix them with disinfo and this has created a lot of confusion among the Lightworkers about the Galactic Confederation. Most channelers are true in their dedication to the Light, they are just unable to penetrate the Veil that Archons have created. Very few channelers are agents of the NSA.

Those channels that have a genuine telepathic contact with the Galactic Confederation are able to bring new information to the surface of this quarantined planet and are not just repeating old phrases.

Vast majority of true contactees for the Galactic Confederation were subjected to intense and brutal mind programming in the underground military bases in the mid and late 90s. Their mind was split and disinfo about the Galactic Confederation put into the front alters of their personalities. This operation was orchestrated by the leading Archons who were controlling quarantine Earth at that time because they were afraid that Galactic Confederation will come and liberate the planet. Rightfully so, since the Galactic Confederation WILL come and liberate the planet, regardless of all threats and atrocities from the Cabal.

Ashtar Command is a section of Galactic Confederation which primary function is to liberate planet Earth from the grip of the dark forces.

Ashtar is a being of Light and does not belong to the fictitious negative Bafath group, as some people claim. Saint Germain is a being of Light also. So are Koot Hoomi and other ascended masters. They have evolved beyond duality and emanate love that is beyond judgement. Unfortunately that can not be said for many people who claim to be their disciples.

Ashtar has a twin soul named Astara. She is the one that brought Goddess mysteries to planet Earth and was known as Astarte, Ashteroth, Ashera, Ast (Isis), Aphrodite and Venus. She is also a being of Light. The Cabal tried to erase and distort her teachings but the Goddess will be victorious.

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One thought on “Galactic Confederation ~ COBRA

  1. An orange swirling portal, behind a oval table. To the left was Radha Krishna, then a tall slender necked, blue being with all signs researched Arcturian, as to why I am here. On Arct’s other side was shadowed indiscernible silhouette, and lastly a wearing a pope hat but sideways to show the V. The portal was my only light source, so everyone else drenched in shadow. I saw colors of skin tone and texture tho if they moved during speech. Also present in voice but not body was (I discerned) Morningstar. Upon praying to God at this craziness a woman’s voice in my ear said it was beautiful (the action) – love broke I reacted pained. The subject was their needing a key, and I need to unlock my heart to then my mind for it to deliver. Instilled when I was a child for safe keeping. In the battle of human destiny, all other souls- the souls of the blind. (I assume those spiritually blind and an impending fate – and because of my supposed failed first opportunity). As the main 4 left, I urged ceasing this craziness, its too much I’ve gone insane … others exposed to light a man with much fur below the waste (son of Zeus I research -not a faun) and 2 more – want to say Anubis other not recalling revealed.

    So before I check into a Looney bin, I need to share this here and say: test me and prove it not true so I can move on to real life. Please. I can’t help but acknowledge how real of an experience it Felt, and I know the power of the brains trickery to one’s mind and hoping this is all it was. I have never imagined this sort of thing before, but at the time had been remembering old dreams I had thinking I saw a connection.

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