Galactic Beings ~ SaLuSa for 12 March 2012

Galactic Beings ~ SaLuSa for 12 March 2012

By: Mike Quinsey

Time speeds ever onwards as the future of mankind is being fought out
in the Middle East. At least that is how it would appear to those who
have yet to awaken, and remain uninformed. Regretfully the media is
still stifled by the old approach that prevents free speech, and
investigative journalism that is allowed to bring out the truth. Much is
happening that should be told, so that you have a grasp of what is
behind events that are threatening world peace. Better still would be
truthful reporting so that your minds were put at rest, knowing that
although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have
failed and will continue to do so.

We do not wish you to suddenly feel fearful of the future having
assured you that everything is going well. However, we will again inform
you that our technology is such that we have total control over what
happens in the Middle East, and all confrontations will soon be brought
to a halt. Authorities have been informed that we will not allow nuclear
weapons to be used, and that we are opposed to any form of aggression.
It is therefore quite pointless to continue war games, and take part in
all of the posturing that inflames the situation. Our patience is
running out and if matters do not improve, we shall use our authority to
bring a halt to all attempts to engage in warlike moves.

We of the Galactic Federation are here to see that you and Mother
Earth safely arrive at your destination, that is the completion of this
cycle of duality. The sooner the dark Ones and their cohorts are
removed, and their influence taken away from them, the sooner we can all
concentrate on the business of getting you on track for Ascension.
Nevertheless, we still keep in balance the various energies that are
playing upon the Earth that are increasing exponentially, and are
helping raise your levels of consciousness. You still have quite a way
to go before you acquire anything near full consciousness, but that will
come to you sooner than you might expect. You are being prepared to
become Galactic Beings and take your place amongst us, as is your divine

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