Frequency and Vibration ~ Matching Your Frequencies With Desires

Frequency and Vibration ~ Matching Your Frequencies With Desires

Transmitted Through & Transcribed by Carolyn Ann O’Riley

Greetings! and Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Lineal time is
whizzing faster and faster ; perhaps you have also noticed that time can
also feel like it is standing still. Time can also blend and disappear.
Funny thing time……it isn’t needed in other dimensions. Do you think
time was invented so that the story of Alice and Wonderland could add a
white rabbit character that was obsessed with time? (Just a little
Angelic Humor)

The Creator has sent you a beautiful Pearlescent Pink Love Wave to
wrap ever so gently around you. Close your eyes and allow this Divine
Gift to fill your Essence with The Creator’s Divine Love. Accept this
warm feeling of being Hugged by The Creator for it truly is the desire
of The Creator to have you enjoy this wonderful love exchange.

Did you know, My Beings of Grace, the more open and clear you become
the more your frequencies or vibrations will match up with your desires.
Have you been wondering why you have been practicing the Law of
Attraction, but not really understanding that it is all about
frequencies or vibrations along with feelings and emotions?

Attraction is about frequencies My Beloveds. Say for example you have
a vision board put up and on it is a picture of a car. Your current
frequency must rise to attract the financial resources or gifts for the
car. Once those resources have been manifested your frequency level then
must rise to the same frequency level of the car in order for the two
of you to come together.

Oh yes there are other things to consider such as your contract that
you and your Heavenly Advisers created before you incarnated into this
lifetime. Yes there Angelic presences in human form among you that don’t
necessarily conform to the frequency matching information, but for the
most part you are needing to remember how to work with frequencies and
feelings and emotions.

Let’s say you wanted to start a new business but thus far have not
found the contacts or resources to manifest that dream. It is due My
Beloveds to vibrational or frequency miss-alignment or this business
adventure may not be within your Master Life Contract that you drew up
before incarnating into this lifetime.

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