A Final Message From ‘Anonymous Source’ and a Personal Note From C K Rich


A Final Message From ‘Anonymous Source’ and a Personal Note From C K Rich

By C K Rich

I have just ended a call with ‘Anonymous Source’ and was asked to leave this final message for all who have read and followed ‘Anonymous Source’ and the information provided…

‘Anonymous Source’: It has always been the intent to accomplish a goal….a goal that cannot be completely disclosed or discussed at this time. I am glad to say…It Was Accomplished!! This was one small success for the Light!

The downside to this is that my work on this project is complete. There will be no further communications publicly on this topic. But know this…

Things are moving along beautifully and are much more advanced than you have been lead to believe by others. All is well and progressing to fruition as should be, soon enough. Yes this word ‘soon’ again. But know that when I say ‘soon’….it’s not like our Galactic family saying ‘soon’! *Laughing out loud*

So again, I thank all my faithful followers and readers of the Truth. We will all know the truth soon enough! I love and appreciate you all.


Personal Note From C K Rich: I have often said on my private calls, that the worlds Global Collateral Settlement Accounts hopes are not being based off one man. This is in fact very true!

Do you really believe that the Galactics, World Governments and Specific Leaders of these funds are waiting on one man? No they are not and have things in order as should be. So if you hear D talking about NK and the Global Collateral Settlement Accounts…well use your discernment!

This is not to say that all of us Lightworkers do not have our small part in this tale and that we don’t all need to continue to do our work and also work together. This is not what I’m saying at all.

We may totally not agree with certain things that other Lightworkers say and believe, but we must all understand that ‘Free Will’ is in play and that we are all unique individuals with our own thoughts and beliefs and if we are to accomplish our goal… We Must All Work Together!

What I am saying is to not believe whole-heartedly everything you hear. Use your Christ Consciousness, your Heart and Discernment. This will always lead you down the right path.

It has been an honor and privileged working with you ‘Anonymous Source’ and I look forward to our new found friendship! Take care my friend and Namaste.

C K Rich


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