Your Feelings are Yours

Your Feelings are Yours
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Channeled by: Julie Miller

June 09, 2012

Blessings to all on a beautiful day from where this message is being transmitted from. They delightful laughter of children, combined with the lively chatter of birds fills the air; the mood is light and love filled.

There are some dear souls that are pursuing along their journey to be selfless. Selflessness dear ones is a stage that each of you will at some point reach as it is required for you to fulfill the mission of your soul – your divine purpose. You will realize you have achieved selflessness when you are no longer aware of your choice to be selfless.Choices surround you every day, including the choice to love God and allow God into your heart and to accept your role of being in loving service to God and God’s word. You must be aware of the self, understand the desires, what you are sanctioned to have and do, what your preferences are then it is up to you to choose to relinquish of all that I gave example of that describes the self. It seems to be ambiguous yet it is not.

Discipline to center yourself with the polarities that flow through you, being aware of choosing between the Self, your Real Self and your Non-Self that is described and reflected through your ego. Love yourself with honour, learn to love all peoples including neighbours and those across the globe equally as you love yourself. Once you achieve the fullness of love for ALL, I ask you to discard this self and allow your True, Real Self to perform and work automatically as God; demonstrating the teachings of the masters, honoured deities, the angels and others that resonate within your precious hearts. Being as God, loving unconditionally with compassion is not a difficult concept, but this endeavour as splendid as it is, must start with the Self, with YOU.

Every day your path leads you to lessons. Some of these lessons are from reading and discovering the wondrous A-ha sensation when an idea finally sinks in, other lessons come from personal experiences that include interactions with other people and some lessons can include the experience you feel when you work with nature, how it responds to you, the outcome of a project, handling a pet or seeing similarities in animal behaviour to your own – lessons come in great disguises and it is up to each of you to recognize them when they appear. No matter how lacking you may perceive yourself, you are always working at perfecting the Self. A great undertaking this is; such pursuit in self-mastery will require a significant amount of patience to reach the desired destination of self-improvement. All that you do today is creating your future. Your journey is filled with many opportunities and your path and its directions are not carved in stone; every day and moment is opportunity to embrace change and incorporate ideas that ring true to you, making all that resonates in your heart to work together wholly and complete…

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