Eirenae Of The Pleiades. “Window In The Sky.” By, Bella Capozzi. September 23, 2012.


Eirenae Of The Pleiades. “Window In The Sky.” By, Bella Capozzi. September 23, 2012.

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✦ I am Eirenae, of The Council of the Venus Ray.  Dearest friend of the one you know as Bella or Aurora Le.  Whether I am sitting as I do now, secure in the relative comfort of my shipboard home, or in the far less comfortable guise of the Away Team member- I watch your world in wonder.   During those journeys, with my feet planted firmly upon your soil, I have often mixed unnoticed among you.  Albeit, for just a few hours at a time, I learn your ways and marvel each time anew, at your unwavering fortitude and determination.  Each one of you is resilient and beautiful.  Such light you emanate- if you only knew!  Indeed, I am humbled.  On this day I gaze out at a carpet of stars.  Our Mothership is vast, and it’s outer rim is lined in clarity.  Windows, as you call them.  Windows, in the sky, with cozy seating to recline upon and partake of such a marvelous vista.  Nothing is ever hidden from view.  It is from just such a place that I initiate this transmission, and not to impart any great knowledge or revelations, nor to portend what is to come.  Please do not ask me for dates, I beg of you.  None of us, neither you nor I, can be completely certain of the finer details of how the shift shall inevitably transpire.  Inevitably, yes, for you must never forget that the Will of God prevails, always.

✦ Our ship is is well cloaked.  It is far enough away from Earth to allow for it’s size, yet close enough to permit our teams easy entry and exit, to and from your surface societies.  I see your home quite clearly now, the shape of your landmasses and the vibrant blues and greens, the warmth of reds and the golden-brown.  Quite picturesque.  And there exist so many versions, all varying shades of the the Earth you know.  So many choices, realities and outcomes.  Bound as you are by linear thinking, you cannot yet see things as I do.  But trust me, you shall.  For my eyes see not one but many Earths, like colorful holograms whose edges are superimposed upon each other.  They are simply different versions of the same thing.  Some are healthy and thriving, while still other versions are falling off and fading away, their path no longer a desirable solution.  If one did not intuitively know the assurance of the victory of The Light, then it would be quite impossible to tell whether the overlying spheres were coming together or pulling apart.  But as the Mother’s Light permeates your planet and each of your physical vessels, the darker outcomes are dying away and the timelines leading to our new Crystalline Terra Gaia are strengthening.  Praise be.  It is astonishing, is it not, to contemplate such a thing from the still somewhat veiled, Human perspective?  And to think that of the billions of you, each and every one has a completely unique lifeplan, unlike any other! Such are the wonders and blessings of our Creator.

✦ The New Terra Gaia exists, Dear Friends, make no mistake about it.  She is real and I have seen her.  She vibrates at a frequency which is currently too high for most people’s everyday perception, yet she is one of those very spheres whose edges gently rests across the others.  She is a choice-a choice available to every living entity residing upon and within your own Earth, this very day.  She welcomes all of us, from every corner of the Universe and beyond.  Her arms are cast wide and her heart is so ripe with love that I scarcely can find words to adequately describe Her!  It so well worth the effort,  for you to make your ascent to the New Earth your ultimate goal.  Seek to live in a state of Divinity, and by this I mean to be conscious-always conscious-of your Ascension progress.  You do this by making all decisions not from the ego mind, but from the goodness of your heart.  You must treat all creatures, both Human and not,  in a manner befitting a sovereign child of God.   Treat them all with the same kindness and respect you yourself wish to be the recipient of.  You must do no harm and give of your light.  Take definitive steps each and every day to raise your personal vibration, and do at least one thing in the course of each day to make a positive change in the life of another.  What dismays me so, when visiting and interacting with you in your own environment, is how easily you hurt one another.  Why is it that you remain so competetive, even at this late hour.  I so wish you could experience this from our perspective, I truly do.  I implore that you examine these behaviors.  Be aware that with the eradication of such lower vibrational ways, you are effecting the changes necessary to bring our worlds together at last.

I leave you now, in peace, Dearest Brethren.  It has been a pleasure to converse with you.

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