[ECETI News] Pope On A Rope, Crown Going Down? ~ Genocide


[ECETI News] Pope On A Rope, Crown Going Down? ~ Genocide

Via Email

C K Rich and ‘Anonymous Source‘:  Personally I believe this will be the downfall of the (bad guys) this is only the beginning of the truth and it will grow to expose all, and for lack of better terms, blessed be to all the children who suffered thru the horrors and pain, there is definitely something wrong with this world that has to and will be corrected and this, the most important starting point of all change is happening now!

PS   I know James and he is passing information on so you can decide for yourself.

PSS  What has been done to the Native Indians / Natives / Indigenous of this World, is unspeakable and unforgivable. As a partial Native Indian myself, … the horrors done to the children of this Planet MUST END!!!

The International Common Law Court: Genocide in Canada

Looks like the apocalypse, the great uncovering where no rock is left unturned.



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