Drake on WolfSpiritRadio 5-6-12 (with cameo by Bill Wood) MP3s


Drake on WolfSpiritRadio 5-6-12 (with cameo by Bill Wood) MP3s

Posted By Kauilapele

I listened to part of this show, which may be found here, and found that Drake presented a bit of new information in the first two parts. Have not listened to it all yet.

A note about Part 1 and beginning of Part 2. Drake and Bill talk about some experiences with Project Camelot. I would encourage each to view these remarks in the Higher Light. Regarding Project Camelot, and any website, as a former 12-Step program sponsor told me, I prefer to “Take the best and leave the rest,” and not get involved in anyone’s soap operas. I personally have found a lot of useful information from many web radio interviews, including some of Kerry’s.

Some of the new information from Drake is presented in Part 2. Here are some highlights I found in Part 2 (min:sec) (times are very approximate)

  • 12:00 Liens and how they work to take down the banks
  • >12:00 Mass arrests and how some may be carried out one at a time
  • 17:45 IRS
  • 19:00 Baltic Dry Index
  • 22:00 More on the Keenan liens
  • 23:00 Military has one more thing they are waiting on

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MP3s Links (click to listen in a new tab or window; right-click and Save-As to download)

FIVE PARTS, 30 min. each (5 MB) (as in the videos)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

COMPLETE SHOW (2 hr:34 min., 26.MB)
Complete show


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