Drake ~ Confirmation that “It’s Real”…


Drake ~ Confirmation that “It’s Real”…

By 2012thebigpicture

C K Rich: This was sent to me via email….

This isn’t the minutes of the meeting, just a quick heads up that  Drake put some hints as to what we can expect to see/hear about that is underway or soon will be is posted on his Facebook page.

He says there is a list of about 25 – 30 operations that began on Monday of this week and will be ongoing until complete.

He wouldn’t elucidate, BUT, if anyone has their ear to the ground and notices some changes or indications they believe are part of the activities underway to take out the cabal and dismantle the Corporation of the USA, send him any snippets by email and he will confirm or deny. So there’s your challenge.

The things going on this week are to prepare for NEXT WEEK. He says, “It’s Real.”

He asked us to get the word out that the military is most definitely supporting us in this and ready to go.

Currently the military is self-sequestered so they don’t have to deal with any questions or exchange of information because there are a lot of covert things going on.

Drake has been contacted by:

1. armed forces

2. well regulated militias

3. underground militias

I would personally add that we shouldn’t underestimate the numbers of the militias. There are several million on U.S. soil.

They are all standing up and volunteering to fight for We, the People.

When it’s our turn to step up and assist those who are actively taking control of the situation, we will be notified.

At that point we will be given channels to contact people who will help organize the effort.

He asks that we consider what we can do to help; be it making sure bandages get where they need to go, or whatever kind of support is required that we, as civilians, can help with.

Drake says under no circumstances will the military tolerate violence or rioting of any kind. There is simply NO excuse and any involved will be dealt with harshly. The operations must be conducted civilly and in safety.

On Friday night there will be a special presentation with Drake and Alfred Labremont to discuss the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, on which Alfred sits as a judge. It will be simulcast on Global Voice and a notification on the Facebook page as well as an email notice from the American National Militia web site.

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