The Dolphins & the Whales ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/16/12


The Dolphins & the Whales ~ Galactic Federation of Light 9/16/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

In examination and inspection of your new world, we would say the construction is coming along very smoothly. We will also say that this construction is solid. Your foundations are sound and the walls and framing is coming along very well and is quite strong and suitable for us to continue to build together our new house that many of you will call your home in the days ahead. As we had pointed out, we did not wish to continue building your home on a shaky and cracked foundation, for it is upon this foundation that your entire civilization will grow and thrive and exist many eons into the future.

A civilization cannot thrive and cannot even survive if it is going to be built on shaky ground, on mud, on sliding and shifting rock. Instead, a foundation must be solid, it must be clear of contaminants, it must be level and it must be strong and solid. What we are referring to here is the thought forms that are creating your new reality. We are again presenting metaphor to more clearly illustrate a point. The point here in this case is that all of you together through your collective thought forms, your dreams, your visions and your hope for the future is what is pouring your foundation, almost in a way quite literally, for you are creating a foundational structure for which to build upon.

We present this metaphorically as if you are constructing a house, because this is the closest metaphor we can find for you and we find it quite fitting and appropriate and also charming in a way, for you are building a house that you are all going to share. What do you think about that? Do you think that this is a fair metaphor to use? We think so, so we will continue on through the use of this metaphor. We see right now that we are together with you further along in this construction than we were some time ago. We are now beginning to frame your house, and if there are any of you who are familiar with home construction and carpentry you would understand that this would mean that we are moving along quite well and we are already putting up your new walls that will be the walls of your new reality.

So how do you want these walls constructed? Do you want large windows with large vistas overlooking lakes and mountains and fields and forests? We think you would, and so we are not going to construct these walls without these views. When we say this, we are asking you how you would like your new home to look, what you want your scenery to look like. Do you wish for it to be a flat earth with no mountains, canyons, valleys and forests? No, we don’t think you would like that, considering all the beautiful photographs many of you have shared of some of the most beautiful landscapes in your world today. This is what we mean when we say to you that you are creating your new world through your words and actions today, for if there were not a number of you sharing your visions and dreams for the future, how would we know what you wish to create and thus, how would we know what to assist you to create, do you see?

We are your fellow planners, architects and builders, so we need to know what it is you wish to experience. This is our job. We are master builders, carpenters, architects and city planners and we take great pride in what we together as a team can accomplish. All we need from you is your blueprints and we will build for you any dream house that you want. When you think of that, does that sound exciting to you?  We feel you may feel it is exciting, just think, you can have any kind of house you want, you name it and we will help you design it and build it. We think that’s a pretty good deal, and all we ask from you is your input.

So how is it you are going to share with us your ideas and your visions for your new home? Well, we say to you the best way is to let your fingers do the talking, and that is to use your computers. We wish you to continue posting beautiful photograph of what you consider beauty in your world today. Forests and rivers and oceans and beaches and mountains and whatever it is that inspires you, whatever it is that takes your breath away. We will carefully study these photographs and we will catalog them into the ever-changing blueprints of your new and beautiful home. That is your assignment today. We ask you to look around your Internet on this beautiful Sunday and find some photographs of your world that you find beautiful, photographs of scenery that you would love to live right next door to, and we will add these to your custom blueprints of your new home. That’s what we’re going to do today, and that is your assignment dear ones. We feel this would be for you a fun assignment and we look forward to combing some of your online communities where many of you meet and discuss your very bright futures.

One of these communities we will say is what you call Facebook. We do not make it a habit to endorse or advertise certain web sites on your Internet, but we feel that Facebook is certainly a special community, for this is where countless individuals in the millions are meeting and sharing together their visions for their future. Many of you already know this, and many of you, our Lightworkers, have connected in this way. There are many of you who have not yet caught on to this and we say to you if you are not connecting with others on Facebook you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to connect with countless, yes countless numbers of your contemporaries, of your peers, with those of like mind and vision for your new future. You may connect with those who believe they have ties to extraterrestrial homes. You may connect with those on a spiritual level as well, though you will find in the end that you are all one and the same, as you all come from somewhere else.

Yes, there are none of you that do not have these special, if you will, ties to other planets and realms throughout this universe. All of you, each and every one of you originally comes from someplace else. What do you think about that? Is that surprising to you? We feel many of you will be surprised to learn this, that is why we find it so surprising when there are so many of you who seem to have some sort of animosity towards those that openly share that they are from another planet or even galaxy, for you all do, that’s the funny thing. You all come from somewhere else, the only difference is many of you do not know this yet, but you will, for there is no way you’re going to continue your journey, for much longer anyway, before beginning to realize this and before clues begin to present themselves or before your family begins to attempt to contact you.

Yes, this is how it has happened for many individuals already. You may have asked yourself how it is these ‘crackpots’ or these ‘crazies believe they are from another planet? Well, we will tell you. First of all, many of them have been contacted by what we refer to as their star families. This was a very exciting moment for them as many of them did not yet realize they were from somewhere else, but when extraterrestrials, yes, we are extraterrestrials, begin to contact them either telepathically or what you know as through the dream state they learn that they are connected to someone in some way. We don’t just come out and say this to them that we are from ‘x’ planet and you are one of ours, no. What we do is we first say hello, that’s all, and we let them think about this and figure out why it is these extraterrestrials have come to them in a dream or in a telepathic thought and said hello to them. Why? What is my connection to these people? Many of them start to think ‘Could I be connected to these individuals in some way?’, and after they think about this for a while and come to some conclusions we may say hello again and this time we might tell them they are from somewhere else.

This is a very slow and gradual process where we allow them to unfold and uncover these mysteries for themselves, for we feel it would be a lot more fun this way and certainly a lot safer with their consciousness, for we do not feel it is proper to barge in and say ‘Hey, we are extraterrestrials and you are part of our family’. We think this would startle many of you and maybe turn some of you off to what is going on. We certainly do not wish to do that, as what our intentions are is to bring you back to us because we miss you so much. We do not want to frighten you and scare you off, no. After all, it has been many long eons that some of you have been gone and we can say it, you have forgotten about us. That’s okay. We have not forgotten about you though.

We think about you each and every day, for we are your spirit guides. There, we said it. The secret is out. This is who your spirit guides are. Your spirit guides did not stay home on your home planet so far away from you, for don’t you think your spirit guides would like to be much closer to you so they can assist you when needed, so they can hear you a little better, for yes, distance does count when it comes to telepathic or even dream state communication, though many of you may find this surprising with all our technology and all our higher dimensional psychic or telepathic abilities, but the truth is the truth, and we will tell you that distance does count. The closer you are to a being the clearer you can communicate with them.

That is a truth ladies and gentlemen, and we wish you to simply believe this today without too much arguing and debating and accusations that we are once again filling you with fibs, for this is a very plain and simple truth that we all understand here within the higher realms. When we are closer to you we can hear you better and you can hear us better when we communicate with you, and we have several different modes of communication, but we will not get into that today. We will just say that we, your spirit guides, elected to come here to be much closer to the action, as you say, and here we are in your skies overlooking all the action.

We could see you when you trip and fall and we help you bandage your knee. That is what we do. You don’t see us and you don’t feel us or perceive us and for the most part you don’t even realize we are there, but know we are there because we are and we always have been. Ever since you have been incarnating here we have been here in one form or another. Perhaps your personal spirit guide was not here, but there were representatives of our command here, you can be assured of that, watching over your people as your civilization developed. We have also helped out a little bit in our small ways. Yes, you probably don’t realize this, but many of your scientific breakthroughs and inventions and ideas were ‘impulsed’, we say. You could call it planted or seeded into your societies, yes.

This is not cheating or what you may know as kibitzing, no not at all, as your civilization was actually begun by us, not by you. As you are our family, how is it you could have begun this civilization all by yourselves without your family knowing about it and, of course, assisting and taking part in this seeding of this civilization? Well, we have. Way back in the beginning when this planet had absolutely no, what you would know as intelligent life, although we see all animal, insect and fish and all other life as intelligent, but for the sake of simplicity today let us just say there was no human or humanoid beings on this planet.

Your planet was a beautiful paradise, with beautiful animals of all kinds and yes, this does include many of the dinosaur variety of life on your planet. What happened to them was a shame, was a pity, was sad to see them go, and we will explain a little bit about what happened to them at a later time we assure you, and we believe many of you will believe this as you see now we are beginning to divulge once long hidden secrets to you almost on a daily basis now, would you agree, and do you find these revelations exciting, interesting and inspiring? We feel you may, so we will continue with this unveiling of secrets.

Many eons ago here on Earth there was no intelligent life as we had said. We have scouts who explore this universe in their great spaceships and seek out planets they feel would be a suitable habitation for sentient life forms, where new civilizations can begin to be built. So here it is that Earth was discovered by our scouts who saw this little blue planet floating majestically within a few whispers of cloud form that gave rise to the wonderful and charming name of your galaxy, the Milky Way. On these milky wisps of cloud form floated your little blue marble and our scouts immediately gasped seeing how beautiful this planet is, and they came here in their ships and they landed and stepped foot, the first time intelligent life forms, sentient life forms we call them, stepped foot on the soil of this beautiful little planet, a planet that is so far from the center of this galaxy that it was proposed to build a very special civilization here, one that would interest beings to travel here, for you see, it is no easy ride even though there are many races in this universe who have developed space travel capabilities that could take them all around this universe in a complete circle in just a very short time.

It is difficult to say how short a time, for it all depends on chosen route and method of travel, for you see, there are several different methods of travel around and through this universe. It can get quite complex at times, so we will save that for another day and say there are many advanced races in this universe that have spaceflight capabilities that could get to this planet without much trouble, but there are even more races, planets and civilizations throughout this universe who would have a bit of a task at hand to travel here. Yes, this may surprise you. Your planet is so remote and far removed from the center of this galaxy, and this galaxy, your beautiful Milky Way galaxy, is not close to the center of this universe either, it is also on the outskirts, we will call it, of this, your universe. So considering this, we felt this was a place where a very special civilization must be built to motivate beings from all over to come here.

So this was the plan, and this is where the greatest minds of this entire universe gathered together for a long think session and they pitched back and forth their ideas and their visions for this plan, and only the best, only the most inspiring and original and what we shall say brilliant ideas were accepted and entered into the final blueprints for your world. So what were these blueprints? What was written on them? Well, the first thing that we wrote on them was that your planet had to be a planet of absolute spectacular beauty, where the scenery was just awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and this is what we did.

Your planet does not look today exactly like it did back then. Your mountains were not as high, your valleys not that low, your rivers were not that long, it did not snow as much in certain areas and the sun did not shine as much in other areas. We changed the manner in which your planet exists today. Your planet is a product of our creative vision, design and implementation. Yes, this may surprise many of you that many of your natural wonders are not quite as natural as you may think. This does not means that they are fake or they are not worth what you thought they were, no, not at all, as a matter of fact, we feel many of you will find them worth even more now knowing that great effort and care went into their design.

We, the hands of many different beings from many different worlds throughout this entire universe collectively together molded and shaped your mountains and it peaks. We took our fingers like a child would finger paint and dredged your rivers so they’d be deeper, wider and longer. Yes, this is precisely what we did. We found a way to allow it to snow with crystal white beautiful snowflakes in some of the chosen areas of your world, and in other areas of your world we gave you white sandy beaches and sunshine that would warm and tan your skin and warm the waters to allow you to swim in your mother planet’s beautiful oceans. We then filled your oceans with some of the most the amazing, gorgeous and interesting fish species and even mammal species from all over this universe, and this is where your dolphins and whales make their entrance.

Yes, many of you have begun to suspect or even strongly believe that your dolphins and whales are extraterrestrial species. Well, you have been incredibly intuitive to figure this out, because this is absolutely true. Your dolphins and your whales are not natural to your planet Earth. What do you think about that? Do you find that surprising? Do find that interesting? Do you now see them a little differently knowing that they are, yes, extraterrestrials themselves? What about that, and are you now starting to gain a little more insight as to why they are so intelligent and why they possess speech and why they interplay with humans so well. Just think about it. Perhaps they are intelligent life forms from another planet who are the leaders of their world, who are the designers, who are the governments, who are the citizens.

What do you think of that? Do you find that interesting? Does that stimulate your mind a little bit thinking about where they could be from and what their planet could be like? Well, we have a surprise for you. There will be those of you in the near future you who will travel back to their home worlds and you will see for yourselves how they live and how they have designed their civilization, and we tell you now, although we do not wish to spoil any surprises, that this civilization is a modern  civilization. Yes, they are not just water habitats. They have actually constructed a civilization, yes, and you will see this and it will surely take your breath away. We will even say their civilization is going to startle many of you, for this is who these beings are, and we call them beings not animals and certainly not fish.

They are conscious beings and super intelligent. Yes, this may surprise even those of you who understand how intelligent dolphins and whales can be. They are super intelligent. We will even say at this point of their journey they are vastly more intelligent than many of the human population here. We wish to repeat that one more time to make sure all of you heard this. The dolphin and whale species on your planet at this time in many cases have vastly superior intelligences than many of the human population on this planet at this time. Can you believe that? Does that surprise you?

Now think about all the dolphins and whales that are murdered every year, and yes, we use the word murdered and not slaughtered, for humans use the word slaughtered when it comes to animals and use the word murdered when it comes to humans, and as we have shared with you, there are dolphins and whales on this planet that are vastly more intelligent than many of the humans here. So we say to you we will not use the word slaughtered or term ‘caught in a net’ when referring to whales and dolphins, and will instead use the word murdered, because we certainly can use the word murder in this context and this is something that is going to change very soon.

Yes, this may come as very good news to many of you whose hearts break when you learn of another whale or dolphin slaughter, for yes, they are intelligent beings, and even if they were not we would stop this slaughter, but they are, so we’re going to stop this murder and we feel many of you will back us up on this. How will we do this? Well, we say to you we have found ways to influence, in a good way, in a positive way, many of your world governments, for you see, we are able to offer certain gifts to them, and we do not mean to further empower the cabal, no, for the cabal will be removed from all of your world governments before we begin to offer some of these gifts, for we are not in the business of offering gifts to our, now let’s call them enemies for now because that is what they are, for they are not our allies, so they must be something, and someone that plans day in and day out to annihilate us, to blow up our ships, can certainly be considered an enemy. Would that be fair to say, dear ones?

We do not like to use the word enemy, so we shall call them adversaries, which we feel is a far more generous and kind of a term than they deserve, for what they are doing and what they are planning is simply despicable. They are so low that they will go to such great lengths just to settle scores with their fellow humans or with us that actually have no positive payoff for them in any way. It would only bring more pressure on them, but they do not care, this does not register with them, they simply want personal gratification in the form of revenge and this is something that we have monitored for quite some time, for we had expected them to go out in a huff, in a sissy, as you may refer to it, for we did not think that they would go out like ladies and gentlemen and they are not, for we repeat to you today they are on their way out. Arrests are being made.

We would like to report to you again today that we do see arrests continuing, yes. We understand that many of you will not believe this and believe it is some kind of smokescreen or disinformation or something new, whatever you wish to call it, but we say to you now we are reporting to you what we see with our own eyes and arrests are taking place. Who is being arrested? Well, right now the big fish have yet to be arrested and we know that is the moment many of you have been waiting for and you will be waiting a little while longer, this is true, but we say to you that day will surely come, as what they are doing now is clearing out the little guys, as you call them, the middlemen, and once they do this the big fish, the bigwigs you call them, will be easy pickings, as you say, for they will have no infrastructure to back them up. They will have no large organized divisions of minions to retaliate for them, for you see, the bigwigs do not do a thing except for plan and scheme against you.

They do not pick up guns or plant bombs or infiltrate other organizations, no, they don’t do anything like this, for they are just the pencil pushers, as you say, and they are very good at just barking orders. That is all they do. They have a large array of minions to do their dirty work for them, just as they have servants to do all the housework for them and just as they have someone to do all of their work for them, for they are not go-getters like you, the real men and women in this world. They are very lazy, and this is why you will see them looking ravaged from the signs of age and they look overweight in many cases, because they do not exercise, they do not play sports, they do not work manual labor, they do not paint their houses or mow their lawns or clean the garage or clean their homes.

They have people to do everything for them, and that is why they look like they do, for there is nothing like a little physical exercise to keep the body toned, tuned and in shape, and many of you fully understand that, and that is why today we recommend to all of you to get out of the computer chair once in a while and take a walk around the neighborhood, around the park or along the beautiful shores of your beach. Ride a bicycle, jog if you’d like, play some basketball or whatever sport it is you like, just get out of the house, for there is nothing better for your physical vessels on many different levels than a little exercise, but we have digressed a bit from our conversation so let us get back to your beautiful dolphin and whale species.

We say to you that we are going to take a number of your population to go visit the home worlds of these beautiful and intelligent beings, and when you see where they live and you think back of how they have been treated here on your planet you will fall to tears and we do not wish to do this to you, but it is something that you will experience so prepare yourselves for it. We wish you today to envision a world where dolphins and whales are treated equally to humans, and by this we mean there will be no fishing permitted that harms them in any way. There will be no slaughters or murders of their populations and there will be no destroying their homes, which are your beautiful oceans.

All of your dolphins and whales that are today in exhibits or theme parks or water shows will be released back into your oceans no matter what the consequences are. We do not wish to hear these stories that whales and dolphins once in captivity do not survive very well once returned back to their natural habitats. This is hogwash. This is more disinformation. We find that despicable that there are those who are perpetrating this lie while more and more dolphins and whales are filling small tanks in your small theme parks which are just a method for some greedy little owners to get their hands on more dirty money and we are tired of seeing this just as many of you are and we are going to do something about it. Now are you behind us here or are you not?

We wish to see your comments today beneath our message letting us know that you are behind our campaign one hundred percent to free all of the dolphins and whales and all the animals and fish in your zoos and marine parks and all your theme parks. We think that you would like to see that, our dear friends, because we would, and we are going to help you make this happen. What do you think about that? We ask you today to show us your support for this, for we wish to see that there are enough of you to support this, to make this dream come true. We feel there will be a large public outcry, especially after all of the people of your world understand how intelligent these species are, and one of these ways will be when many of you return from their home worlds with stories and yes, even pictures and video of a very real and beautifully designed and constructed civilization.

We will leave you with that thought today. We would like to see your comments under today’s message, and we would like you to try to picture in your minds what the dolphin and whale civilization could possibly look like, and you may wonder how they could possibly build anything.  Well, we say to you the power of the mind can build mightier mountains than a pair of hands and that is all we will say for now.

Until we speak again dear ones, envision a world that is the perfect world you wish to live in, without one concession that would not pull your heartstrings and make you cry that your world is so beautiful, is so free, is so prosperous, is so rewarding, exciting and fun, adventurous and mysterious.  Pull out all the stops, as you say. Let your imaginations run incredibly wild and free, for this will be your new home for a very long time and we wish you to enjoy it to its fullest, never becoming tired of its beauty or its form or its function.

We love you all, and as we have said, we are your friends and your families and your fellow designers and builders of your new world. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


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