The Dolphin Collective ~ Our dimensional Self in Sirius B ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 03/10/2012


The Dolphin Collective ~ Our dimensional Self in Sirius B ~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 03/10/2012

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Greetings, lovely ones. We are most grateful for this opportunity to once again step forward to share our loving energies with all of you. We would like to talk about our numerous incarnations here on Earth and in other Dimensions. We are only known by you as the dolphin species, the ever smiling, giggling  creatures having a heart full of warmth and Love. We nod and confirm this heartily for we truly are indeed always smiling, we are happy and are joyously going through life. Nothing is too insignificant for us and nothing escapes our Love, as we genuinely love everything and everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Of course we experience some grief, in certain degrees, but that doesn’t stop us to consider the reality that we are all One and, as a consequence, are supposed to love and to forgive each other because we are in essence pieces and aspects of each other. To not love, to not forgive equals to not loving, not forgiving yourself. Don’t let these feelings take the better of you and do just as we do : remain loving in all circumstances, no matter what.

To Love and to forgive are very important, and we apply this on a daily basis with regards to humanity, our brethren, whose hearts originate from Love, despite the many deeds to the contrary. We are fully aware that many deeds are in fact done in despair and are misdirected. Those deeds are linked to you through the many illusions still rampant on this planet. Just like you we are thrilled by the upcoming actual transition into the new and Loving world. And we are in the process of arriving there, my lovely ones, we are almost there, just hold on a little while longer and always remain in Love!

What is not readily known by humanity is that we have many different incarnations. Our incarnation on this Earth is obviously that of the Dolphins, taking on the form of marine mammals. But let our physical appearance not fool you : we are endowed with a very high degree of intelligence, reaching even further than yours, my lovely ones. Make no mistake : we are descendants from a very high civilization that is called Sirius B. We have spent many incarnations on this world, even to this day. Many of us have chosen to come to Earth to assist humanity and support its essential existence to facilitate the possibility to ascend together with Mother Earth. We grant you this assistance out of the purity of our hearts towards you and toward beloved GAIA. This is our support to all of you by merely being present and to incarnate on your world, dwelling in your oceans; We are the guardians of many portals (as we have already shared in many previous messages) and we are also the thorough cleaners of your once so beautiful oceans. We serve in many capacities and functions, that’s why we are so important. All that we do, we do because we Love you!

The other countless souls among us, who have been split off in other kinds of incarnations, mostly dwell on Sirius B itself. We are what you might call ‘underwater souls’ and we contain water elements in our aspects, which so characterize our being. Our world is in fact a kind of waterworld on Sirius B. That’s the reason for our obvious choice to live in the oceans of Earth. We love to dwell in the waterkingdom, it feels like home, living here in a way reminds us of home. It makes us feel less homesick. In no way could we nor would we wish to incarnate in a human – or a surface form as we could not live without our beloved waterkingdom, as is so typical on our homeworld Sirius B.

Other kinds of incarnations pertain to some spiritually and immensely beautiful souls of Love and Light. The forms that we inhabit there vary in  appearances, depending on how we feel and what we wish to show.  Those forms reflect our wishes and our degree of consciousness.  We can be characterized by those forms, nothing is concealed. We show our true colors and our true Self, nothing more and nothing less. Sirius B can only be inhabited by our species of souls and of energetic forms. As has been stipulated : Sirius B is a waterworld in which only those of us dwell who have never taken on the human or any other fixed, surface form. For the souls inhabiting those forms Sirius A is available. They too are our brethren, very close brethren we might add, for we originate from the exact same starsystem. Those beings contain an enormous amount of intelligence and love and come from a high light.

After your Ascension is completed, you are all most welcome on our Starsystem, for it is only than that your greater Reality will begin. Ascension will procure you the possibility to visit this and other galaxies and we will visit you all but this time not in the dolphin forms that you are familiar with but in our true being. You will see, my lovely ones, that all will be so breathtakingly beautiful as never before. It will be something hard to comprehend as it reaches far beyond your perspectives and your reality, your dreams and thoughts. Let it all go and let what shows up  surprise you! We are your family, the Dolphin Collective, and we love you all so deeply!

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