Determination ~ Archangel Gabriel 15 March 2012

Determination ~ Archangel Gabriel 15 March 2012

By: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

We would like to have discourse on the quality of Love known as
determination. This quality is exceedingly important in any endeavor
that One works upon and it is this which will help One to accomplish
successfully the goal that was set. It is determination that underlies
the strength and will that a Soul exhibits in their daily lives and in
their long term goals of achievement. It shows up in many ways
throughout One’s daily existence. Without this quality, nothing would be

It is this quality that enables One to awaken each morning ready to
face another day and continue to work upon One’s goals and projects. It
is this quality that brings to light One’s inner mettle and true
character, for without employing determination in any situation, true
progress on the spiritual journey would not take place. With any
discipline, determination is required on an ongoing basis to bring it
into manifestation. It reflects a Love of self to exhibit this quality
in all activities.

In spiritual goals, it is determination to achieve a higher outcome
that brings it into manifestation within One’s own Being. It gives the
impetus to keep on keeping on no matter what lessons and challenges are
being brought before you for learning, consideration and contemplation.
It allows One to take one step after another in order to move forward on
their journey. Determination is the key to achievement in all tasks set
before you. It is, in a sense, a magical key to open the door to
surpassing all seeming limitations in One’s surroundings, experience and

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