The Decree of your Creator ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/26/12


The Decree of your Creator ~ Galactic Federation of Light 8/26/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

Swiftly sweeping you towards your new reality are your hopes and your dreams for a better world and a better life for you and those around you. It has been many long eons since many of you could call a world that you live in safe, secure, prosperous, even beautiful, as much of your planet has become scarred and marred in certain ways.  We see for you many changes on your horizon, but all of these changes do not come for free without some kind of effort and some levels of responsibility for your roles as caretakers of your new world. What we, the Galactic Federation of Light, propose is that each and every one of you take an active role in not only the shaping of your new world in its design, but in the implementation process where these changes will take place. What we mean by this is we would like to incorporate the efforts of every single person on your planet, although we realize this is very ambitious and would be quite a task and achievement. We also feel this is a goal at least setting for ourselves, to give us a marker to shoot for.

What we wish to achieve by this is a certain level of pride of accomplishment, of ownership, of responsibility for the management, the upkeep and the protection of your new societies and your planet as well. When a being feels responsibility for something, when a being feels that he or she is truly a part of something, their attitudes change considerably and they are more apt to roll up their sleeves and get involved and stay involved, for they feel their contributions are worth something, that their efforts are needed and amount to something. Can you understand this? Can you see that the more hands that pitch in today in the formation of your new world and the more hands that pitch in to the projects and programs that will help shape your new world, then the more hands that will take active roles of leadership in the protection, the upkeep and the maintenance of your new world, and by maintenance we do not mean menial labor.

What we mean by maintenance is that a world does not always survive on its own. There are many necessary tasks needed to keep a society afloat and running at full speed. What we suggest are programs that will incorporate the participation of everyone on your planet in turn, so everyone can be a part of its governance, its maintenance, its planning and its upkeep. We do not wish to see many of you sitting on your hands, as it were, while allowing others to do all the work. As we have said, we have many advanced technologies that will reduce greatly the need for menial labor, and what we are talking about our areas of your new society that will necessitate, at least in some part and at least some of the time, a hands on approach from some of those of your world.

We do not wish and it is not our aim to select certain members of your populations dependent on any variables to be the sole caretakers or workers in these areas, no matter where it is these individuals live, their levels of income, education or social status. We do not do this, and this is not any part of the system we wish to implement in your world. What we propose, and we look today for your responses to learn how you feel about our proposal, is that we wish to implement a system where each and every member of your world will take turns in organized fashion to monitor, and at times, maintain certain systems that necessitate some kind of human attention, and occasionally, adjustment and tuning. This is not much to ask considering the wonderful and generous benefits each and every one of you will be receiving through the construction and implementation of these new systems.

What we are discussing today is a great benefit that will derive from each and every one of you taking a personal and hands on approach to these systems. What we are saying is that these systems will provide more to you than what they have been designed to do and what their function is. What these systems will provide to you is a brand-new higher dimensional attitude for your people, where pride and responsibility for your planet and your brothers and sisters alike will be the new call of the day. No longer will so many individuals ‘pass the buck’, as you say in your world, and allow others to do all the work or allow others to take all the responsibility for the management of so many different systems.

This in large part has been the cause of the fall of your society. So many gave their power away to so few, allowing them to do all the work of governance for them simply in return of providing them some of their taxpayer money and their vote in many cases. This will not do, and the product of such attitudes and choice is evident for all to see in your world today where corruption and chaos, inequity, imbalance, inadequacy, lack of justice and lack of fairness have run rampant throughout just about every society of your world save none. Your world today is in a state of chaos and confusion, as all of the systems that had been implemented are now thunderously crashing to the ground almost simultaneously, as if a higher power said ‘This is enough, the time for all of this madness now comes to an end, so I command. And in its place I command new systems to take the place of these corrupt and outdated, unjust and unclean, impure and unfair, unkind and unloving, un-prosperous and unrewarding systems.’

This has been the decree of your Creator, and that is why we and our alliance are here right now. This is why we have chosen to come here, as your Creator who is our Creator deemed that this planet now undergo great changes to restore her to a world of pristine beauty and fairness, love and light, reward  and prosperity for each and every individual who calls this planet their home. We agreed to take on this responsibility and traveled in vast numbers in our great ships and we are here, and we are at this time in orbit around your planet, your solar system, and even beyond into the outer stretches of space. We are everywhere. You may see we are even traveling to and from your surface world quite regularly on assignments to carry out our duties all in the name of these changes that your Creator has commanded. We work tirelessly. We do not take days off. We do not loaf around and do nothing as precious time ticks by, as some of your world somehow have come to believe.

We know and see even more clearly than you possibly can how much time there is allotted for these changes to take place. We say to you that we, on a daily basis, have one eye on the ticking clock and one eye on your world, for time is of the essence and there is no time to spare, to waste, to fritter away or to bargain away. This we understand perfectly clear. We only wish that more of you would understand this and take on the attitude that we have that there is absolutely no time to waste, as it is necessary for many of you to get on your horse and make the changes within yourselves and also find the time in any ways that you can to assist us and assist your brothers and sisters make the changes outside of you in your world, changes with repercussions that will reverberate throughout this entire universe.

We have asked on many occasions for the assistance of those of you who wish to lend a hand, to pitch in and help us achieve certain goals. There are many of you who have responded to our calls and many of you work diligently at your computers each and every day helping us help you by sharing the information that you have ascertained about us, our presence here, our honorable intentions to assist your world, what kind of changes your people can expect and will take place and what this will mean to your people. We have also asked you to share the information pertaining to the arrests of many of the members of your societies who have led you astray, who have taken advantage of you, who have conned you, lied to you and bilked you out of your hard earned money, your freedoms, your health, your wealth and your futures.

We have asked you to do this as these arrests will continue to pick up steam. They are at this time moving at a somewhat rapid pace, a pace that is surely to escalate, and there will come a time where the news of these arrests will break through the media blackout in your western nations. When this happens, can you imagine the chaos that may ensue as so many millions of your citizens who have absolutely no idea that they are even the victims of crimes, no less that the perpetrators, the criminals of these crimes against them are those that they have voted for and continue to support strongly in many cases to this very day? The shock that some of these individuals may experience will go far beyond what they are capable to handle. Many of these individuals will succumb to the shock and it is you, the people of Earth, who must come to their aid.

Before aid would have to be administered, a certain level of prevention is required, for it would make no sense not to practice any level of preventive measure and then allow so many of your people to become injured and force your people to scramble about to try to manage this overflow of those in need. Do you understand what we are saying here? What we are saying is we are asking you, the people of your world, to drop what it is you feel is so important today if these things have nothing  to do with your survival or the important changes of your world, because they do not. Whatever it is you are doing, if it is not related to our discussions is not important and must be discarded from your attention. We ask you to help spread awareness of these arrests and what will follow, as this is the ounce of preventive measure that is worth a pound of cure, to coin a very wonderful phrase from your world.

We wish to prevent such an overflow of those who succumb to shock, and we also wish to minimize the shock on your systems, as all of the systems in your world require manpower and the attention of a workforce. When so many members of your work forces will succumb to injury, either mentally or emotionally in the days ahead upon the news of our presence here and the arrests of so many of their elected leaders, can you imagine what will happen to so many of your systems when so many employees fail to show up at their job sites? Your systems will, because they must, begin to collapse one after another in rapid succession. We cannot have this. Your world is not set up to sustain such a barrage of system collapse. Do you understand the importance therefore of doing all that you can today to minimize this shock on your people and your systems? This is why we ask you respectfully time and again to share openly and share as far and as wide as you can this type of information.

You are not wasting your time on an ‘after school project’, as it were, or a hobby. What you would be investing your time in are Earth saving projects to better prepare humanity for these changes that are already well on their way. Considering this, considering how incredibly important the work that you do today is to preserve your societal systems tomorrow, could you find a way today to drop whatever it is that consumes so much of your time and leaves so little to this important assignment? Your assignment is to be a fountain, a wellspring of information relating to these arrests and the incredible changes that are now upon your society, whatever you feel these changes are and which you choose to share with others. You may choose to share the information about our organization, video or photographic evidence of our ships in your skies, details of our mission here, the fact that there are so many thousands of you who now recognize and identify with being incarnated members of our organization known respectfully as Lightworkers, you may even choose to share some of our channeled communications with others, although we do not recommend to use our channeled communications as any kind of proof or evidence of our existence, as this level of evidence is not very suitable for this task, as we have learned here in your world, many of your people shun these communications because they do not trust the channels that are delivering them.

There is a great level of distrust, suspicion and cynical skepticism in your world, far more so than in most worlds throughout this universe, although this level of cynicism and skepticism we have encountered before, we wish to make that clear. Here you have many reasons for this, and we will not go into them at this time for it is beyond the scope of our discussion with you today, but we will say though that there has been such a level of deceit and lying going on here in your world for so many eons of time that we do not blame any of you at all for your levels of distrust and skepticism. That is all we have to say about this for now, but we do remind you that using our channeled communications to help spread the word of our organization is not at all advised, as these forms of communication are better served to those of you who already resonate with our existence and wish to be kept abreast of updates and our communications from our side of our great team effort here.

We do suggest to you to share the video footage of our ships, as we feel this is perhaps your best ‘weapon’ to spread awareness of our organization, always keeping in mind that we feel it is a good idea to identify the ships in the video footage with a name such as Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command, and not just simply saying that these are what you call UFOs, as we are no longer unidentifiable to you, are we? When you see ships in your skies that you know are not aircraft from your 3rd dimensional world, you now have identified them as either ships from the Galactic Federation of Light or the Ashtar Command. There are other alliances here as well that are aligned with the light, but for now let us just focus on these two commands, and we ask you to help others understand that these lights and objects in your sky are our ships, they are under intelligent control.

We are here on a mission, and when you see our ships you know that we are working, we are not joyriding or just lollygagging around, we are performing a certain duty at that time, even if that certain duty is to simply make our ships known to you, as this is one of the operations we engage in on a daily basis. We see individuals in certain areas and we have ways of learning if they are equipped with photographic or video equipment. We will then decide if it is safe to make our appearance known to them, and we will reveal ourselves by de-cloaking and moving closer to these individuals. In most of the cases where video footage and photographs of our ships have been taken by your people we were fully aware we were being videotaped and photographed. It is not like we had no idea this was going on, as a matter of fact, in most cases these photographs and videos were not only permitted to be taken, but we facilitated this event by purposely de-cloaking and moving closer towards the individuals equipped with this photographic and video equipment. We wish to make that clear, so the next time you see us in your skies and you are taking photographs or video footage of our ships, know that we know you are there and we are saying hello to you and we want you to take as much footage as you can and then please share this evidence as much as you can, as this is the purpose of this event.

With that said, we say to you keep your eyes to the skies. We will be, as we have been, increasing the number and quality of the sightings of our ships. Some of these sightings will become rather exciting, as we feel it is now time to push the limits, so to speak, and start making our presence known at a somewhat greater level than it is now. As we have said and we maintain this policy, we will not land at the 50 yard line of a Sunday football game. We will not land at any large event where many of your people are gathered. We feel this would cause panic and could cause a lot of injury, either emotionally, mentally or even physically if we were to do this. We instead will continue our efforts to increase the number and quality of the sightings of our ships and allow you, the people of Earth, to share this footage so that those who wish to see and wish to believe will do so, and those who choose not to see and not to believe will possess that option.

Do you understand this? Do you understand that we are walking a very tight rope here between offering you the evidence that so many of you wish for, while also respecting the boundaries and the choices of those who are not yet prepared for such a revelation? We must honor and abide by the choices of others as well, not just those who choose to learn of our existence and choose to accept us and work with us on the many projects that we have scheduled. We must be very delicate and take great care in preserving the realities of those who do not wish for great change such as this and to learn of such great revelations as this.

So we will continue our policy of demonstrating the existence of our ships in your skies for those of you who wish to videotape us and photograph us and share this evidence with those who wish to accept it and even enjoy it. We certainly enjoy seeing your smiling faces, sometimes very awe inspired, at the site of our ships flying overhead. Just always keep in mind that in many cases we are waiving to you as you are filming us and we invite you to wave back at us, for we love this, as it makes us feel very welcomed.

We are your friends and your family flying in your skies. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


*For all those interested in sharing video footage of GFL or Ashtar Command ships, you may find suitable video footage through the ‘bestrealufovideos’ link at the top right of this blog page, or through the following link. It’s easy to share videos, just click the Facebook, Twitter and Email icons below each video you like!*

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