Cosmic Crystalline Cocktail ~ Would you like to be Shaken or Stirred?

Cosmic Crystalline Cocktail ~ Would you like to be Shaken or Stirred?

By Angela Peregoff

June 4, 2012

Hold integrity in all that you are and all that you do. Learn to travel light. Know you are stepping into the veil and opening up the connections between yourselves and all the shifts about to be. There is nothing to fear. It is just new. You are ahead of the curve of many. So, you will be faced with many who don’t understand what you are doing or why. You are not here to follow their paths or their fears. You are here to know what you need to do. You are here to be courageous and trust what your inner knowing tells you.” – Guardian advice.

In the Northern Hemisphere we now stand in the official “light half” of the year. Light and warmth and shifting rhythms are returning to Earth, bringing with them all manner of healing, balance, and well-being which will enhance the unwavering Power that delivers us to another level of purified consciousness. May for the most part was relentless about pushing us out of our comfort zones and stretching us to our conceived limits in order that we settle into the new energies of June with a renewed detachment to the past. June, and especially this week, is about integrating, restructuring, practical application, reorganizing, amplification, and reordering. There will also be independent leaps in psychic abilities, telepathy, magic and shamanism for those ready for these higher achievements of being.

The newest unconditional frequencies of graciousness begin settling this evening with the full moon and the Venus transit tomorrow. As the electromagnetic energy field around Gaia fluctuates and flows to newer heights of transformation and integration we will be inspired to reorganize and adjust our lives to honor the life force that exists in all matter.

This infusion is a prerequisite for resolution to becoming a responsible creator and one of the necessary frameworks for restructuring the Earth’s expression within the universal family. As her energy field integrates a variety of upgrades humanity will be challenged to shift, change, move, and alter their connection to Self and Source in order to match Gaia’s newest resonance.

As the grid around earth becomes more activated, it will awaken dormant synapses in the brain and jolt your electrical wiring (nerve cell function) as the transfer of ancient information is let loose within human biology. More than any other time this year, the practice and power of remaining present at all times, under all circumstances and in all ways will be required to stay in balance. So during the days this week when it feels like cosmic holy forces are putting the kibosh on your organic physical systems just remember you are actually being a harmonious biofeedback component for the New alignment of Earth’s expansion. For any digestion issues (assimilation of codes), emotional upsets (hypothalamus balancing), stiffness, buzzing, soreness, skin rashes/eruptions and any metabolic concerns (thyroid function refining) take the simultaneous approach of asking for assistance from your M.A.P.(medical assistance program) team and incorporating remedies and practices such as cranio-sacral, acupuncture or quantum touch to ease you through the integration process….

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