We Will Continue to Raise the Frequencies – Michael Channeled by Ron Head

We Will Continue to Raise the Frequencies – Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

Today we will discuss your many reactions to truth and what to expect when it is at last revealed by your media. First of all, there are  millions of you who will not be surprised at all, and in fact, have been diligently attempting to spread this type of information for many years.

There are many millions more who have had contact with this information and who have believed some of it and reserved judgment on other parts of it. And of course, there are those who either have not heard of it at all or who refuse to believe what they have heard.

Each day now more and more truth is beginning to sift into the consciousness of the people. Each one who accepts the truth of your condition makes a larger change in the mass consciousness than the ones before, just as each drop of color changes an artist’s palette. It will become increasingly easy to see these changes in the coming days.

You have noted, we are sure, the increasing pressure being brought on the various meetings taking place and the rise in interest in your alternate information sites as the traditional media takes a beating in popularity. The ability to discern truth from fiction is rising, as is the dissatisfaction with nonsense filler and distractions.

We caution you, however, that even the most awake of you will not be aware of the entirety of the information which will come to light in the coming weeks. There is hardly an area of your past which has escaped the pervasive attempts to cover the truth with enough lies to serve the agenda of centralizing control and wealth. Even those of you who already know some of what has been done will find it shocking to see the extent of this and the methods used. There will be many attempts to discredit the information, but the evidence will be irrefutable.

Still, many will be unable to change their cherished beliefs, at least for a while. You do not have to preach or convince anyone, dear ones. Those who have the ears to hear will hear, and those who have eyes to see will see. What we ask you to do is maintain your calm centers and receive those who need comfort in your embrace. Allow the truth to spread, as truth always does….

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