Your Connection ~ HILARION’S WEEKLY MESSAGE June 3-10, 2012

Your Connection ~ HILARION’S WEEKLY MESSAGE June 3-10, 2012

Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

As you go about your daily activities, it is important that you continue to stay grounded each and every day and that you devote some alone time to further your connection to your Higher Self. It is also very important to keep every thought focused on that which you want to become manifest in your personal world and upon your Planet. In this way, the Universe returns to you that which you give out and the Universe is totally impartial in its giving you all of that which is in resonance with your dominant thoughts. Discipline your minds, Dear Ones, for you are powerful Creators and you bring into creation what you dwell upon.

Try to devote as much of your free time to the glory of God in all your endeavors so that you think, breathe and live for God, with God, by God and as God manifest upon the Earth. You are walking a lonely Path as you hold to your vision for a better World and a better way but know that each day more and more Souls upon this Planet awaken in their awareness that there is much more to life on Earth than they ever dreamed was possible. This life you are living is one you chose voluntarily in order to prepare yourselves for these very times that are now taking place. You have honed your inner Being to diamond brightness and clarity and
even though you are still working on clearing lower aspects within yourselves that still persist, you are not going backwards, you are progressing, you are moving forward.

As best you can, try to stay attuned to your heart and continue to make it your primary guidance system. Honor yourselves for having the incredible courage to leave behind old outdated systems and beliefs and hold to a higher perspective. You have the experience and the ability to be dwellers in more than one reality and each of you is working on all dimensions during these times. Many of you are feeling many aches and pains in various parts of your physical bodies and these are transitory and temporary in nature. Any long standing illnesses that have shown improvement recently may resurface in its old intensity once again and when this happens, listen to your heart and seek guidance there.

If you are feeling disheartened and tired with all the cleansing and releasing that you have been experiencing, find a substitute for your daily disciplines such as high frequency, harmonious music to help keep your energy levels high as you plod your way through the cleansing process. Every iota of dross must be released from within you and your physical bodies and this is an ongoing activity that ebbs and flows with the cycles of the moon and the flares of the sun. Allow this to be what it is for you without resistance and accept all that is happening without getting caught up in dramatic scenarios….

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