How We Communicate with You

SaLuSa of Sirius

How We Communicate with You

Posted by Steve Beckow

In an article which told us much about the nature and performance of the galactics’ sentient ships, Wes Annac’s Pleiadians also shared interesting insights into how the galactics communicate with us. I’d like to look at what they – and other galactics – say on that subject.

The Pleiadians revealed that “we have not come to a full discussion of much of what we speak with you about.” They explained why.

“This is because there is so very much intricate and detailed explanation to go into that would at present perplex you and boggle your minds, which is why we are and have been sticking to the more general and easy-to-understand discussions that can be absorbed in a more measured way by humanity.

“You are all reading and absorbing these communications and taking your own measure of our energy from them, and this is a habitual process in humanity that we enjoy immensely having our part in.” (1)

The Pleiadians share that we “agreed beforehand … that the channeled communications you will be and now are reading at this time would give you the energies of us souls giving you the communications in the best ways that your spirit complexes could use, integrate and handle [them].” (2)

“It was also decided for many that the energies given by these communications would serve to uplift you into your own positions of helping out, and it has been noted by many of you that the channeled communications which are genuine that you started out on so to speak, served for you to lay a wonderful foundation for you to begin the Lightwork that many of you are performing at this time.” (3)

What do other galactic communicators say about the manner in which the galactics communicate with us?

In February of 2010, SaLuSa reported that the galactics felt that “gradually we are getting through to you so that you realize how
important these next few years are going to be. “ (4) By July 2011, SaLuSa told us that the galactics “have just about covered most subjects that will have some bearing on your immediate future. You should therefore be well prepared for the remaining period up to the end of this cycle.” (5) He acknowledged that “we hope [our messages] will lift you up, and put your focus on all that is good and wholesome that is coming your way.” (6)

SaLuSa informed us that the galactics intentionally repeat information to have it sink down into our subconscious.
“We know that some of you question why we repeat a lot of the information, and we are pleased to clarify the situation. It is mainly because humans do not have a full memory recall, and it is therefore necessary to make frequent references to important  information. In this way it permeates your subconscious memory, and you have a general understanding without knowing precisely how or why. At this time channeled messages are becoming very much in agreement, in the way they foresee the immediate future.” (7)

He explained that the galactic messages “are measured for your enlightenment, as we do realize that they cannot meet each of you at your own level of understanding.” (Cool

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