The Cleansing and Releasing Process and Mastery ~ Hilarion’s Weekly Message 18 March 2012

The Cleansing and Releasing Process and Mastery ~ Hilarion’s Weekly Message 18 March 2012

By: Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)

Beloved Ones,

As you each go through your cleansing and releasing process, you are
finding that you are beginning to feel a sense of mastery as you
complete the learning, comprehension and understanding that these events
have brought to you and the opportunity for greater spiritual growth
and evolution that has taken place within you. Life is ever evolving and
in these times this growth has been moving forward in leaps and bounds!
Each Soul on Earth has been experiencing the changes taking place
within them with amazing grace. It has been a mighty struggle to swim
upstream against the current of ingrained and well established
structures and you have all come through with flying colors.

Do not doubt for a minute that there can be anything less than Love
taking place within the hearts of Humanity, even though all around you
there is the mirroring of the opposite. Most every heart upon this
Planet is a good heart and one that has, through life’s experiences,
closed itself in order to reduce vulnerability to the vicissitudes that
have been manifesting in your dualistic World. This World is now quickly
becoming redundant and soon there will no longer be any supportive
energies for this old paradigm and those around you in every part of it
will embody a higher consciousness and propensity to create peace,
harmony and understanding between all people everywhere.

When the Human heart can begin to want and to expect a higher good
and outcome for themselves and all their brothers and sisters, this
shift in consciousness will rapidly accelerate profound changes in all
aspects of life on Earth. When each person loves, respects and honors
themselves for their true state of Being as a Divine child of God,
worthy of all that is good and right and is willing to uphold this in
their every action, thought, word and deed, then there will no longer be
any need to protect themselves from others, for all people will then be
self motivated to express only that which brings about a similar
expression in each other….

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