This is who you are. Claim it so. ~ Archangel Michael

This is who you are. Claim it so. ~ Archangel Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

We wish to bring you information today regarding a new connection which is available to you now should you wish to activate it.  The energy of this new connection is washing over all of you now, however your intention will ensure the best use of it.  Once your conscious link is made, there will be no doubt for you that you have tapped greater light than has been available to you heretofore.  The only requirement is your intent and imagination.

Use the method of centering and grounding with which you are most familiar and which is most effective for you.  We have given you a simple one which brings your attention from your heart down to the center of your earth.  There is no change to be made there for you.  The change is that you understand that Earth’s crystalline core is now linked as never before through your star to the Great Central Sun.  This, with your intent, gives you instant access to light and energy from your Creator.  Intend this link and it is yours.

Please also understand your worthiness to receive all that this link will bring you.  This need not be earned by you in any way.  This is your right as a creation of Source.  What you do need to understand is that you are now plugged into a power source that will begin to accelerate all of the changes you have desired for such a long time.  This, as we have said, is now happening for everyone.  Understanding and intent can help you to make the most of it.  This connection may feel at first as if you have grabbed a live wire.  Enjoy the sensation to its fullest.  But it is time for you to learn to be discerning in what you intend from this point forward.

You will now begin to create around you that which you allow yourselves to think of.  Think with intention.  Allow a thought which you do not desire to manifest no attention.  Allow it to pass right by you.  Just do not claim it.  Bring your focus instead back to that which you do desire.

You may wish to spend some time at first feeling and familiarizing yourself with the newness of this.  This is the energy, the light, the love, which you call by whatever name you give to your creative Source.  Learn to call it to you.  You may trust that it has as much desire for the connection as you do yourselves.

Be now the ones who spread this light and love far and wide on this planet.  This is who you are.  Claim it so.

We leave you now to consider this and try it for yourselves.  We delight in your progress.  Good day to you now, dearest friends.  May your hearts know peace and love till we speak again.

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