You may choose to experience love and light. ~ Michael Channeled by Ron Head

You may choose to experience love and light. ~ Michael

Channeled by Ron Head

We will speak today on the subject of negative and positive energy and the effects of your past teachings and beliefs. Many people are encountering negative thoughts and thought forms. They do not understand and therefore are forced to interpret this in the ways they have been taught. The energies of your bodies, your entire world, your solar system, and your entire galaxy are being lifted by incoming frequencies of a much higher order and purity.

Picture a peaceful pond sitting for many years in its beautiful setting. Everything, in its natural cycle, has completed its life and  sunk to the bottom of the pond unseen. Now we are going to pour a strong source of very pure water right into the middle of the pond. What does the water look like now? At first, very muddy, isn’t that so? But very soon there will be less and less mud and more clarity to the water as the new replaces the old. That is where you are today.

There is very, very much less negativity left, and most of it is floating around you looking for a home, so to speak. It will attempt to
lodge wherever it is allowed. We urge you to remember now that you are sovereign beings and are at the mercy of absolutely nothing. There is no being or thought that may hold sway over you without your permission. You are absolutely capable of sending anything negative away from you and back to Creator’s light.

With the amount and purity of the incoming light during the rest of this period, you are soon to witness and end to a world of polarity in any case.

You no longer need to experience fear of any dark force, as you have been taught. You may choose to experience love and light. There simply is no darkness which can overpower light. There never was. Please let go of the belief in these things. Send them back to the light. Replace them with belief in your own sovereign power over yourselves and in your Creator….


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