Child Play: The Faerie Realms 11 April 2012

Child Play: The Faerie Realms ~ 11 April 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support as the veils are lifted across planet earth allowing more to come to balance and to remember. That which is here is but a memory and that memory will help you to find YOU. We are the Faerie realms and we come to guide and support as those who are now working to further illuminate the path for the human race begin their work in earnest.

We are here to show you the road home dear ones, we are all around you and we ask that you take time to notice that which is around you and WITHIN YOU. For many are now walking with their heads bowed and their hearts closed and we guide this is a walk in distortion. The natural setting of the human body is play and we ask that you come out to play.

Our words are here to lift your hearts so that you hearts may sing again. We are here to lift your eyes from your feet so that you may see the rainbows that are above you. For many are now walking in the rain and yet not looking for the rainbows that always follow after the rain. The world is now washing itself clear, the rain is the emotions that have suppressed and curtailed your race for aeons. We are here dancing in the rain and we ask that you become as children once more. Do you remember dear ones when you danced in the rain and got wet? Do you remember when you found the puddles and splashed in them and cared not that you got soaked? We ask for you to allow these memories to show you TRUTH so that you may recapture the essence of WHO YOU ARE.

We ask those who are crying to cry until they can cry no more and then lift their eyes to the sky to see the rainbows we have painted on the sky for them. For the tears are the cleansing rain to the eyes of the humans that have been blind for so long. Allow the tears to wash away the dust and grime of the 3D world and to allow TRUTH to be shown to you. It is not possible to see when blind and yet many try. We ask that you untie the blind fold handed to you at birth and allow the many colours that are within YOU to radiate around and within you….


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