Channeled Messages ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/8/12

Channeled Messages ~ Galactic Federation of Light 5/8/12

Channeled through Greg Giles

To read in accordance information as it is intended, a channel must put aside any randomly scattered thoughts and memories and focus on nothingness, as this is the proper way to receive information from conscious higher dimensional sources as opposed to pulling in information that has been stored within libraries of knowledge throughout this universe. There are many of those who are channeling information at this time, and many of these individuals are funneling information from these vast libraries that are located in many different areas and through the many dimensions. These individuals are then sharing this information with others as if it were sent to them from conscious, higher dimensional beings to share with those of your world.

This is not the case, as the records that have been preserved within these libraries are meant to be shared with you at a time when they can be shared with you properly, in the right order and in some kind of cohesiveness, by fully trained and experienced channels who have gained the proper authority and learned the proper usage of this vast wealth of information and knowledge. We do not wish to see at this time channels who have not gained the necessary experience tapping into these libraries and sharing bits and pieces of many different collections of records and historical documents.

‘All things in good time’. These are very wise words indeed, and when it is the proper time we will demonstrate for you how to properly and effectively withdraw information from these faults of records and how to better correlate this information and perform necessary checks and audits of this information to make sure it is being extracted correctly and in its proper order. Any other means of extracting this information will only yield inaccurate records, documents and historical accounts. Anyone not fully trained and experienced can only withdraw information from these libraries in this way.

What we are saying is that anyone of your world at this time withdrawing information from these vast vaults of knowledge and recorded information is extracting this information improperly, as they cannot be extracting this information correctly as they have not received the proper training to perform such a task. If a being has not received the proper training to perform a certain job function and has not amounted adequate experience at the mechanics of the task, naturally, they could not perform the task adequately or with any kind of competence…

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