The Changes Take Place ~ Raphael April 15, 2012

The Changes Take Place ~ Raphael April 15, 2012

Channeled by Isabel Henn

Today I want to give you a new message of hope. Many people still doubt that their lives will change soon. You can not believe the messages that are given throughout, as they sound too good to believe, too incredible. But they are true. All messages have the same core message. The changes take place. The arrests began and governments that have only their own welfare in mind, will be replaced by those who alone have the best interests of their people as their goal. With the prosperity programs all debts worldwide will be nullified. From states as well as from individuals. Every person, whether large or small, will receive a large sum in order to enjoy a life of contentment and without lack.

The aim of these measures is to enable mankind to prepare for Ascension at the end of the year. With the landings of your Starfamilies and the arrival of the spiritually high advanced people of the Inner Earth, programs will be published in your restructured medias, which shall clarify your History and explain your Origin. You are all created from the One Source regardless of race and gender. You are All of Divine Origin and loved infinitely.

For millennia, the Dark Side has determined your life, told you what you shall believe and manipulated your history books. With an eye on the end of the Era more light was brought to Earth to help Gaia and the people to shake off  the low vibrations  and prepare for Ascension. The light was rooted and shed by many light workers and people of other more advanced planets and stars, who incarnated out of love for Gaia and her humanity to this purpose on earth. The Light has won, the dark side in the form of the Illuminati and Cabal must retreat.

Only a short time and you will see visible signs of the changes taking place. Begin to celebrate and start dreaming of a more beautiful, more glorious future. I love you infinitely. I am Raphael.

Thank you Raphael


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