You Truly Are the Change Makers Here

You Truly Are the Change Makers Here

Michael Channeled by Ron Head

We feel, this morning, your need to better understand the emerging
changes that are occurring. Many are asking, “Yes, but when? When?”

You have relied only upon you’re your five physical senses for so
long that you do not perceive the change as strongly as you might. And
you are being given very little to go on other than our messages. The
reports you do see are not coming from sources that are ‘accepted’ by
most of society. This, however, does not mean they are not true.
Several of these sources are reporting information that is largely
correct and they are doing their best to be truthful and accurate.
Since they only report what they receive from ‘real’ sources, they are
also dealing with a restricted supply of information and must sort out a
great deal of misinformation. That is fine. Again we tell you we are
not a news service. Our messages are meant to inspire and encourage
you. They are also serving to change the dynamic of your collective

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