Challenges ~ Galactic Federation of Light 2/25/12

Challenges ~ Galactic Federation of Light 2/25/12

As Channeled Through Greg Giles

Hand-in-hand we shall overcome all obstacles before us. There exists
no one and there exists nothing that can stand in our way. You, as a 3rd
dimensional human, have fared greater challenges and adversities than
what you are experiencing today and we believe in you, all of you, and
we know you can get through these last difficult times of your journey
together and emerge out of it into the light of the higher realms. This
is your goal. This is the main reason for your current incarnation and
you are almost there. Do not let anything slow or stop you now, as
nothing can.

Try to look at everything as a challenge that has been purposely
placed before you, for indeed this is most often the case. Try not to
look at your troubles and think “Oh, poor me, another problem”, and
instead look upon these obstacles as another challenge that you will
conquer, and emerge that much stronger on the other side. This is how we
see your journey every step of the way, and this visualization
technique may assist many of you to head into yet another test of your
will and determination with renewed vigor and fortitude.

Up ahead we see better days for all of you, far better days, but we
also see additional challenges as well. Prepare yourselves for both, and
you will fair a lot better throughout these challenging times. All
along your long journey you have received challenges that you were
forced to overcome somehow, someway, but you also received help and
guidance from above even if another of your human family was enlisted in
this effort.

Today, we see many of you coming to the aid of your brothers and
sisters and we are overjoyed at the display of brotherly and sisterly
love for one another. How far you have all come in such a short period
of time. You all have stellar families are looking on in admiration for
your efforts to assist one another in your times of need and they are so
proud of each and every one of you. They will be able to express their
feelings to you personally in the days ahead when you will enjoy a long
deserved reunion with them. We see this day approaching quickly, and
each successive day we see further obstacles removed that today keep us

Much continues to develop behind the scenes and we would like to
share with you a little of what has been going on. We, the Galactic
Federation of Light, have many divisions whose task it is to seek out
and neutralize any hostile forces that wish to interfere with us as we
offer assistance to worlds such as yours. Here in your world we have
encountered a fighting force of reasonably substantial size and
strength, but nothing we have not dealt with before and nothing we
cannot handle in any way. Our teams are actively scouting for these
hostile forces, and upon locating them we neutralize them and remove
them from this area of space without any attempt to harm any personnel
within these crafts, although the same cannot be said for our opposition
as they continually make every effort to harm our personnel with
everything that they have got.

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