Burn Off the Veils ~ The Nephilim Message for 28 March 2012

Burn Off the Veils ~ The Nephilim Message for 28 March 2012

Channel: Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as all begin to move in vibration and energy for the new is now pouring across and within planet earth. As the solar activity begins to burn off the veils of distortion placed around the planet earth more and more will be able to reach inside and to remember. We ask that all remember for all that YOU are is within YOU.

Reaching inside and connecting to the SOUL is the way forward dear ones and the realms that are around you now pour the LOVE that IS through you and around you as you begin to work through the veils that have surrounded your race for aeons. The moving in vibration always to unlock the levels of SELF contained within self. For we are with you at each breath and we ask for you to heed our call. Can you FEEL our energies across the dimensions? Do you dream to visit us? Do you walk with us in your dreams/visions? We call to all who can hear us as we sing the song of the music of the spheres and allow the light to shine through the veils. Many look for us in the sky, many look for us within the text books available across the planet earth but we ask for you to look within your heart for the heart knows TRUTH. Too many are allowing those humans around them to dream for them and we ask why you would give another your dreams to dream. The dreaming is part of the reality you now walk in for to dream is to create is to live. Do you heed our call? Do you understand our message? We ask for all to go within, to anchor the new energies and to shine the rainbows within the heart, for the rainbows work to balance the energies within the heart, a balanced heart KNOWS TRUTH dear one for it brings the joy to the consciousness that is that heart. Do you understand our guidance? Do you understand our message?

Rainbows are the new energies for we have poured the colour gold within the rainbows of those who will show you how to live what you have been taught is impossible. The words on planet earth distorted so that many are in chaos and frustration, the way to live is to LIVE dear ones, not to think, to ponder, but to LIVE and the rainbow people will show you how to live for they LIVE.

We ask now for all of you take a moment to reach within and to connect with your heart. We can guide and support at all times but many are merely reading our words and wishing, we guide for all to take a moment to connect to the heart. Place the feet flat on the floor and grow golden roots into mother earth. She awaits your connection for she is YOU and YOU are her for ALL ARE ONE. We ask that you begin to breathe from the roots in mother earth. Focus on the breathing and allow the energies from mother earth to flow upwards and into your human vehicle in this your human life experience. FEEL the connection to your mother. We ask for you to honour any emotions that begin to move when you make this connection. This is TRUTH dear ones for this is the connection that the teachings of distortion try to teach you is not real. The planet you live on is a real breathing BEing and you are part of that BEing as you are part of the universe, for ALL ARE ONE…..

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