Blog and Forum Authors Wanted


Blog and Forum Authors Wanted

C K Rich

We are now looking for Lightworker / Lightwarrior persons to help publish on our Blogs and Forum. Time is limited and there is just too much information coming in for us to post by ourselves and we are not able to keep up.

Also I will be away for time periods working on another project that will help us all.

So we could use some help from the Lightworker / Lightwarrior community. We want to get the Truth and Information out to ‘The People’ to help Awaken the Masses of sleeping souls. But again, we need help in order to accomplish this.

You must have the skills, knowledge and experience posting on blogs and forums. Or have computer skills and be very teachable.

This is not a paid position, but a labor of Love for the Light.

Any persons wishing to help, please email with your computer experience and contact information.


C K Rich


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